55 Marvelous Prom Suits for Men – Step Out in Style (2024)

Prom suits are more than just fancy attires you get to wear at the end-of-year events, they are the ultimate fashion statements. Picking the right prom suit can be a daunting task if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Between the traditional classic suit, the more fitting modern suit and the crisply fitting slim suit, picking the best is a matter of how well you know your body. If you’re having trouble picking the perfect prom suit for that once in a lifetime occasion, here are 55stylishly cut prom suits to give you the inspiration you need.

# 1 Midnight Blue Modern Cut Prom Suit

For the average sized body, this modern cut prom suit offers a crisp fit that is not too fitting or not too loose around the shoulders. The sleeve cut is low but just enough to give a sneak peek of the white shirt underneath. Pairing it with the navy blue tie allows you to match both the suit and the dress of your date. The front breast pocket lets you throw a bit more color into the look.

# 2 Checked Three-Piece Slim Fit Suit

For a more modern, refined finish, a slim fit suit will flatter lean to medium-sized bodies perfectly. The suit and the vest are both perfectly form fitting and although a bit less bespoke than classic suits, are just as stylish. Matched with tapering fitting pants and finished off with a purple necktie and pocket square, the prom suit exudes confidence and laid-back style.

# 3 Blue Tuxedo with Black Satin Lapels

To tone down the vibrant blue of the tux, black satin lapels have been used on the single-button jacket to give it a nice taming contrast. The tux features uncharacteristically high cut sleeves which give a stylish view of the shirt sleeves underneath. The look is finished off with the crisp white shirt worn with the top button undone and a colorful amber pocket square.

# 4 Fitting Navy Blue Modern Suit

The versatility of the modern suit lies in its ability to fit a wide range of body types. Nevertheless, getting the right cut will help you accentuate your features and body type superbly. The two button jacket with low cut sleeves matches well with the crisp black tie against a grey shirt to give a classy yet composed look.

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# 5 Vibrant Blue Tux

Blue is a go-to color when it comes to tuxedos mainly because it goes well with almost anything and is a tad more eye-catching than traditionally black suits. Here we see how well the vibrant blue of the classically cut suit goes with the muted grey shirt and pocket square. The look is accentuated by a jet black bow tie and dress shoes.

# 6 Pinstriped Modern Suit

For those with a more eccentric taste in fashion, this pinstriped suit offers perfectly unique style for refined tastes. Paired with eye-catching accents in the form of a cerise tie, a lapel flower, and stylishly high cut sleeves, the look is a definite head-turner. Although not everyone can rock the multicolored socks perfectly, the brown dress shoes go well with the midnight shade of the pinstriped suit.

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# 7 Slim Fit Matte Blue Prom Suit

Prom suits are exclusively meant to show off your best side so if a lean body is your best attribute, invest in a slim fitting prom to show it off. Crisply trimmed and finished off with high cut sleeves, the single button jacket offers a stylish finish that oozes laid-back sophistication. Although the accompanying bow tie is dark to stand out on the white dress shirt, the front breast pocket offers a bit more adventure by allowing a colorful pocket square to brighten the look a little.

# 8 Sky Blue Skinny Fit Suit

Skinny fit suits boast of narrower lapels and shorter hemlines in addition to the significantly slimmer shoulders. The sky blue jacket is perfectly form fitting and features high cut sleeves that show off the white shirt sleeves. Ideally, you should always wear slim fit suits with perfectly tailored form-fitting shirts and a slim tie to round off the modernistic silhouette created by the stylish prom suit.

# 9 Hip Skinny Tux with Velvet Lapels

For an extra snappy finish, a skinny tuxedo would do a world of good to people with small, lean bodies. The single button jacket features high cut sleeves with velvet edges and is well fitted around the shoulders and back. The jet black garment naturally goes well with a slim-fitted white shirt under a black bow tie and is finished off with a white lapel flower.

# 10 Jet Black Prom Suit with Overcoat

For shorter individuals, keep away from longer hemlines as these will underplay your height drastically. The shortened jacket of this slim fit prom suit features a stylish single button closure. Underneath, a crisp white shirt with a black necktie finishes off the composed look. You can go for an overcoat of the same color to create a more sophisticated look.

# 11 Monochrome Modern Fit Tuxedo

Although it features an uncharacteristically shorter hemline, the jacket of this tux exudes the same level of sophistication and is well suited for bulkier forms. Satin lapels act as tasteful accents on the monochrome single-button jacket with high cut sleeves.

# 12 Slate Gray Slim Fitting Suit

Perfectly tailored to fit lean body types and accentuate height, this powerful slate gray form fitting prom suit is one of the classiest numbers in its range. The two button jacket allows for a bit of embellishment in the form of a colorful pocket square which loosely matches the checked maroon tie donned on the crisp white shirt. Brown dress shoes complement the suit superbly.

# 13 Classic Black Three Piece Suit

For larger body types or those with a taste in more classic prom suits, this sleek three-piece suit is a great choice. From the form-fitting vest to the crisp jacket with a not-so-low sleeve cut that gives a sneak peek of the white shirt underneath, the suit is equal parts simple and sophisticated.

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# 14 Stylish Army Green Modern Cut

Accented perfectly with a black tie and a stylish wrist watch, this army green prom suit with high cut sleeves is the epitome of sophisticated style. The longer hemline makes it suited for taller people while the modern cut provides a crisper silhouette.

# 15 Jet Black Tux with High Cut Pant Legs

To tone down a severe look, you can finish off your garment with casual shoes as opposed to formal dress shoes. The tuxedo features a wide classic cut that perfectly fits the broad shoulders and moderately cut sleeves on the tuxedo jacket. A black bow tie on top of the white shirt helps to stylishly balance the look.

# 16 Black Three Piece Modern Cut Prom Suit

Black may be a neutral color but when worn right, it can produce a stylish ensemble. This all-black three-piece suit takes on a modern fit that hugs the ribs and crisply fits the shoulders and back. Stylish flower sequins on the vest give it a more tasteful appearance while a black silky tie, shirt and pocket square emphasize the dark theme of the look.

# 17 Official Three Piece

For a more toned down yet just as classy look, a perfectly cut three piece suit will never let you down. Styled simple with moderately cut sleeves and a not-so-tight fit, the suit exudes solid, masculine confidence. Sequin patterns on the tie and vest give the look a unique finish.

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# 18 Classic Loose-Fitting Navy Blue Prom Suit

While the suit features a nice, solid design, the shoes and stylish accessories steal the show. The baby blue polka dotted tie against the white shirt brightens the look significantly while the beautifully tan shoes blend superbly with the navy blue suit.

# 19 Creamy White Three Piece Prom Suit

Prom is all about standing out in the most tasteful way possible. If you’re looking for a more unconventional color, this white three piece suit that features a more masculine classic cut will not let you down. Using a jet black shirt and a grey patterned tie underneath helps to tone it down in order to avoid looking tacky.

# 20 Dapper Modern Cut Tux

The material of the prom suit can also be used to style up your look significantly. This exquisitely cut tuxedo with satin lapels breaks away from the conventionally silky smooth material and replaces it with a stylishly dotted pattern. It is finished off with a cool and classy black bow tie on a fitted white shirt.

# 21 Coal Black Three Piece Prom Suit

This three-piece suit boasts of understated sequin highlights on the tie and the complementary pocket square. Other than the slim-fitting trim of the jacket, it also features narrow lapels, which are great for dressing lean bodies. The suave look also features high cut sleeves that show off the white cuffs of the fitted shirt underneath.

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# 22 Charcoal Grey Form Fitting Tux

Nothing beats the allure of a well-fitted tuxedo over a crisp white shirt. Taking on a stylish charcoal grey hue, the sleeves of the jacket are perfectly cut high to expose the golden cufflinks and classy timepiece on the wrist. Embellished by dark satin lapels and a similarly black bow tie, this look is guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd.

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# 23 Black and White Prom Suit

While matching the jacket with the pants has its own appeal, breaking out of that tradition can have a similarly stylish result. The well-fitted jacket has the makings of a modern suit with its broad lapels and long hemline. It goes superbly well with the black pants and glossy dress shoes with a black bow tie and pocket square adding some much needed accents on the top half of the attire.

# 24 Classic Suit and Bow Tie

The tried and tested classic suit with a bow tie look is never going out of fashion any time soon. The look bears a simple yet elegant and tastefully masculine appeal in the way the two colors combine to create a sleek, composed look. The suit has no markings of modern day attires as the sleeves give away no white shirt cuffs, resulting in a more solid finish.

# 25 Funky Brown Prom Suit

Stepping out in color is one of the best ways to make your prom night attire more memorable. For a distinct yet composed look, this muted brown classic suit carries a more traditional appeal, which is more sophisticated. A green corsage and necktie are the perfect accessories to embellish the picturesque ensemble.

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# 26 Checked Three Piece Modern Fit Prom Suit

In addition to the effortlessly sophisticated form brought on by the tasteful modern cut design of this suit, it also offers a bit more in terms of style with its elegant window-pane pattern. The sleeves on the jacket have been cut conservatively but the vest makes up for it with a low neckline that shows off a suave grey tie over a white shirt.

# 27 Red and Black Tuxedo

Red and black prom suits are not the most outlandish attires you’d expect to see on such a night. In fact, the two colors combine surprisingly well to create a flashy yet well-grounded look. The jacket features a broader classic trim suited for larger shoulders and torsos with dark satin lapels accenting the look and matching the black bow tie worn over the white shirt.

# 28 All Black Prom Suits

There’s nothing wrong with resorting to the traditional black and white look for formal events. With a distinctly masculine classic design that requires broad shoulders and works with larger torsos, bigger individuals should opt for this type of suit. Satin lapels give the coal black two-button jacket a bit more oomph.

# 29 Navy Blue Modern Fit Tuxedo

The fit trim of this stylish tuxedo will flatter lean or average sized bodies better than the looser classic fit tuxedos. Its tastefully navy blue jacket features black shawl lapels and conservative, low cut sleeves.

# 30 Navy Blue Classic Fit Tuxedo

People with larger bodies should avoid embarrassing bulges by opting for a more comfortable loose-fitting classic tuxedo. Lacking nothing in terms of sophistication, the jacket of the tux features a beautiful navy blue sheen and black satin lapels that match the black tie perfectly.

# 31 Black Slim Fit Prom Suit

Featuring a superbly fit design with crisply cut shoulders and a tight torso, settle for nothing less if you’re looking for something that will give you a crisper, more agile silhouette. The prom suit has been matched with a purple shirt and a matching pocket square, while a broad, polka dotted tie caps off the look.

# 32 Vintage Black

For a more reserved finish, go for a tried-and-tested vintage look featuring a well-fitting jacket matched with same color pants. The high cut sleeves of the jacket and a pocket square give the dark attire some bright accents that enhance its style dramatically.

# 33 Black Modern Fit Suit with Blue Highlights

This audaciously finished look relies heavily on a supremely vibrant shade of blue to turn it from a basic look to one of the most tastefully unique prom suits you can go for. The single button jacket is embellished by blue lapels pocket square and pocket linings while the vest features intricate blue outlines on its buttons.

# 34 Crisp Black and White Tuxedo

This is a distinctly more composed black and white look that features a sleekly cut white jacket bordered with jet black lapels. Matching it with black pants, a white shirt and a black bow tie creates a tasteful black and white color combination.

# 35 Royal Purple on White

When it comes to prom suits, you can use a flashy jacket to take a basic look to the next level. The elegant royal purple tuxedo jacket with a distinctly glossy sheen brightens this look dramatically. Black lapels help to tone down its flashiness and match the black bow tie worn with the white shirt.

# 36 Suave Maroon Slim Fitted Suit

Taller people with lean bodies benefit from a customized finish as a longer hemline looks better with height. The crisp cut of this suit perfectly complements the lean body while the two-button jacket boasts of elegantly high cut sleeves that show off the cuffs of the shirt.

# 37 Simple Black Single-Button Tuxedo

Slim-fitted jackets offer a more precise outline for leaner body types. This prom suit carries an air of stylish simplicity and goes perfectly well with a crisp white shirt underneath a broad-winged butterfly bow tie. A white pocket square adds a bit of tasteful flashiness to the look.

# 38 Vintage Three Piece Attire

Giving off nothing but an air of exalted sophistication, this dapper three piece suit is reserved for the gentlemen. It consists of a calm navy blue jacket, vest and pants over a white shirt and a stylish maroon polka dotted tie. Subtle accessories and the elegant multi-toned oxford shoes make this ensemble a tasteful affair.

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# 39 Charcoal Grey Modern Fit Suit

This form fitting grey suit boasts a stylish modern male silhouette and moderately fit design that complements lean body types without looking too youthful. Black lapels pave way for the silky black shirt and bow tie worn underneath to complete the attire.

# 40 Fresh Three Piece Suit

The crisp modern fit of this stylish three piece suit is evidently its most appealing aspect. With high cut sleeves and front breast pocket, the suit is a suave, well-composed option for average-sized individuals who prefer a simple yet stylish look. A maroon pocket square and a polka dotted tie wrap up the look beautifully.

Choosing prom suits for different body types goes beyond the fit of the jacket and pants. Always use pocket squares and neckties to add a little color to your look but keep the bow ties dark in order to maintain the formalness of the garment.

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55 Marvelous Prom Suits for Men – Step Out in Style

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Concepts Used in the Article

The article discusses various concepts related to prom suits, including different suit cuts, colors, and styles. Here are the key concepts used:

  1. Modern Cut Prom Suit: This type of suit offers a crisp fit that is not too loose or too tight. It is suitable for average-sized bodies and features low-cut sleeves and a two-button jacket [[1]].
  2. Slim Fit Suit: A slim fit suit is more form-fitting and tailored, flattering lean to medium-sized bodies. It often includes a vest and tapering fitting pants [[2]].
  3. Tuxedo: A tuxedo is a formal suit typically worn for special occasions. It is characterized by satin lapels, high cut sleeves, and a single-button jacket. Tuxedos can come in various colors, such as black, blue, or green [[3]].
  4. Classic Suit: A classic suit is a timeless option that suits various body types. It typically features a two-button jacket, moderate sleeve cut, and a traditional fit [[4]].
  5. Form Fitting Suit: This type of suit is tailored to fit the body closely, accentuating the wearer's features. It is often preferred by individuals with lean body types [[5]].
  6. Color Combinations: The article suggests different color combinations for prom suits, such as navy blue with black lapels, vibrant blue with a grey shirt, and black with white accents [[1]] [[3]] [[23]].
  7. Accessories: Accessories like ties, pocket squares, and lapel flowers can enhance the overall look of a prom suit. They add color and style to the outfit [[2]] [[6]] [[12]].


In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect prom suit. It covers different suit cuts, colors, and styles, catering to various body types and personal preferences. By considering these concepts, you can find a prom suit that suits your style and makes a lasting impression on your special night.

55 Marvelous Prom Suits for Men – Step Out in Style (2024)


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