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Bash Barbarian Build Guide

Season 4 - LootS-Tier

Welcome to theBash Barbarian Specialized Build Guide! This is a build that got a major buff in Season 4 with the addition of Tempered affixes. In the case of Bash, this means that it gets an extra cleave animation for some area of effect increase, as well as a huge damage multiplier on top of it. It also benefits greatly from Aspects like Adaptability and Moonrise. The bad news is: both of these are not immediately available from the Codex of Power, and the required Temper is not unlocked until later in the endgame. Once these are obtained though, Bash becomes a true powerhouse - capable of taking on all the game has to offer.

Our Specialized Builds are Endgame builds with specific requirements and purposes. In order to play them, you are expected to already have specific items and effects available. To get there, we recommend you use one of our existing lvl 50-100 Endgame Build Guides.

Requirements for this build to function:

  • Temper Manuals:
    • Furious Augments for all variants.
    • Marksman Finesse for Bleed variants.
  • Certain Legendary Aspects, primarily:
    • Adaptability.
    • Moonrise.
    • Berserk Ripping for Bleed variants.
  • Uniques:
    • Paingorger's Gauntlets.

Gear, Skill Tree, and Paragon

Leap + CotA [1H / 2H]
(Speedfarming / Pit 80+)

Yen's Single Shout [2H]
(Speedfarming / Pit 100+)

Iron Skin [1H / 2H]
(Pit 110+)

Rupture + Bleed [2H]
(Pit 120+)

This is a well-rounded dual-wielding setup that is ideal for speedfarming, as it offers a good balance of damage, defense, and mobility. Ramaladni's Magnum Opus is a competitive option for Bash, especially for speedfarming because:

  • It acts as a separate damage multiplier that gets even stronger with investment in maximum Fury.
  • Dual-wielding inherently has an attack speed advantage, even more so with One-Handed Sword Expertise. Effects like Undying and Hectic scale better with increased attack speed.
  • Has great synergy if used with Melted Heart of Selig.


  • This build can be played with Two-Handed Mace as well. Make the following changes:
    • Drop Ramaladni's Magnum Opus. Take a Legendary One-Handed Sword with stats that mimic the other dual-wield weapon shown in the above planner. The other slot should ideally be changed to a One-Handed Sword as well, but the difference is minimal.
    • Switch Earthquake to the One-Handed Sword (from Ring). Run Bold Chieftain's here instead, or Elements.
    • Harlequin Crest can technically be used in either setup, but has more value when paired with Two-Handed Mace.


  • Use Strategic Rallying Cry in place of War Cry in higher tier content where having Unstoppable becomes more relevant.
  • Alternatively, Steel Grasp can be dropped and triple Shouts can be played instead.


See below for the selected Paragon Boards, Paragon point allocation, and the correct Glyphs you should use for the Bash Barbarian. Note: The Paragon Boards below are the final setup with no steps.

Level 15 Glyphs required: Ambidextrous, Exploit, Ire, Marshal, Rumble, Territorial, Undaunted

  • If playing Two-Handed Mace:
    • Replace Ambidextrous with Might.
    • Remove points from Core Reserve and Hungering Fury clusters on Warbringer.
    • Allocate them to Brawn and Restorative on Decimator, or use them to fix Resistances (Cold Conditioned).

Similar playstyle to that of the Double Swing Twisters build. This uses Yen's Blessing for essentially permanent uptime on a Shout of our choosing (Challenging Shout for high tier Pit, Rallying Cry for speedfarming).


  • Use Leap (set to Two-Handed Sword) to:
    • Activate and refresh Berserking.
    • Apply Bleed.
    • Activate Paingorger's Gauntlets.
    • Benefit from Bul-Kathos, Earthquake, and Rumble.
  • Use Challenging Shout or Rallying Cry (depending on content) whenever it is off cooldown. While it is on cooldown, it will refresh itself with Yen's Blessing as long as an action is being performed (using a skill, evading).
  • Use Bash (set to Two-Handed Mace) as main damage skill.
  • Use Charge to group enemies against terrain and as a source of Unstoppable.
  • Use Call of the Ancients against Elites and Bosses whenever it is off cooldown.
  • Use Hammer of the Ancients:
    • After Critically Striking with Combat Bash 4 times.
    • No more than once every 5 seconds. This skill is only used for the 1.3x damage multiplier provided by Violent Hammer of the Ancients.


  • If running Challenging Shout, take ranks of this skill on the Chest Armor. Otherwise, choose Strength / Maximum Life.
  • If running Challenging Shout, temper Crowd Control Duration on either Chest Armor or Pants to increase its duration. Otherwise, choose ranks of Concussion.
  • Temper Leap Cooldown Reduction on Amulet and adjust skill ranks as necessary. Ideally, it should have a 4 second cooldown or less when combined with Giant Strides.
  • Critical Strike Damage and Vulnerable damage are both good choices on weapons; choose whichever gives the best value when tempering, or based on the current quality of gear.


  • Why Revenge Glyph:
    • 9% Damage Reduction from Close Enemies from Brash.
    • Damage multiplier from Strategic Challenging Shout.
  • Why Rumble Glyph:
    • Damage multiplier from Leap + Bul-Kathos combo.
  • Why Bleed nodes:
    • Two-Handed Sword Expertise from Leap / Charge.

This setup is ideal for farming or pushing higher Pit tiers. Rupture gives a massive attack speed increase and keeps Decimator up constantly, while Iron Skin grants a large damage reduction bonus and passive healing while active. The variant displayed here plays dual-wield Bash with One-Handed Mace / Axe, but it can also be played with Two-Handed Mace as well by making a few small adjustments.


  • Use Rupture to:
    • Receive a 40% Attack Speed increase.
    • Overpower to activate Decimator.
    • Activate Paingorger's Gauntlets.
    • Inflict Bleed to benefit from Grit paragon cluster and Disembowel.
  • Use Iron Skin to:
    • Receive a Barrier and a 35% damage reduction increase.
    • Become Unstoppable.
    • Passively heal a percentage of your Maximum Life.

Note: This skill can only be used when a portion of your Maximum Life is missing; it can not be used without first taking damage.

  • The rest of the gameplay is the same as it is across all variants:
    • Use Steel Grasp to group enemies, grant Berserking, and proc Paingorger's Gauntlets.
    • Use Shouts off cooldown / as needed for damage and damage reduction buffs.


  • Dual-Wielding:
    • Use a One-Handed Mace to enable Bash to be used while dual-wielding.
    • A One-Handed Axe is the ideal secondary weapon since it naturally gives us an Attack Speed buff against all enemies (including Bosses), as well as 10% Critical Strike Chance against Injured enemies. One-Handed Sword can also be played but it is only useful for mob clearing, which generally makes it the inferior choice.
  • Two-Handed Mace:
    • Since One-Handed Weapon type doesn't matter when playing Bash with Two-Handed Mace, the ideal option for both of those slots is a One-Handed Sword because it naturally rolls a Critical Strike Damage implicit.


  • Dual-Wielding:
    • Follow the tree as shown. Points in Duelist (instead of Swiftness) can optionally be taken to help reach Attack Speed cap.
  • Two-Handed Mace:
    • Take points from Swiftness and allocate them to Heavy Handed.
    • Can be played with Violent Hammer of the Ancients instead of Rupture. Take Combat Bash if making this change.


  • Why Disembowel Glyph:
    • The Bleed explosion caused by Rupture pretty much guarantees that most enemies will have a chance to activate this Glyph upon death. Since 5 of our 6 skills have a cooldown, this provides great utility in making sure they stay active.
  • If playing One-Handed Mace / Axe:
    • Cleaver is an alternative here for more damage (take Strength nodes instead of Willpower).
  • If playing Two-Handed Mace:
    • Replace Ambidextrous with Might.

Bleed Bash is a super late-game setup that excels at pushing high tier Pit. It shifts most of the raw power of Bash to Bleed damage through Gushing Wounds, Berserk Ripping, and the Hemorrhage paragon node. As such, it prioritizes Critical Strike and Vulnerable damage, as well as other multipliers that apply mostly to Bleed damage.

Although the build is powerful, it requires extremely heavy investment to really shine and is NOT recommended to beginners or anyone who can not invest into the build - it may just end up feeling worse than playing a normal Bash setup. The items pictured here should also be looked at as requirements, not suggestions.


  • Use Steel Grasp to group enemies and grant Berserking.
    • Keeping Berserking status is even more important when playing this setup since Berserk Ripping requires it to function.
    • For high Pit, it is beneficial to spend time grouping up multiple packs before starting to deal damage.
  • Bash to start stacking Bleed.
  • Use Rupture for Bleed explosions and Decimator activation.
  • Continue using Bash and then Rupture off cooldown until:
    • Enemies are dead / Bleed death is imminent.
    • Mob density is low and it is time to move / pull remaining enemies.
  • Pay attention to Berserking uptime and use Steel Grasp / War Cry to extend it.
  • Use Iron Skin and Challenging Shout for damage reduction when they are off cooldown / as needed.


  • Critical Strike Damage and Tempering:
    • This requires the Marksman Finesse Temper Manual and can only be done with the Rogue class. You need to level a Rogue if you want to temper Critical Strike Damage. It is not recommended to play the build without doing this. Critical Strike Damage is of major importance because of Gushing Wounds.
  • Vulnerable Damage:
    • Important because of Hemorrhage.
    • It's important to achieve a good balance of Vulnerable and Critical Strike Damage to get the most out of their respective multipliers (Hemorrhage and Gushing Wounds). A good goal to aim for is around 350-400% Vulnerable damage, and the remainder in Critical Strike Damage.
  • The Grandfather:
    • Very important since it essentially doubles the Critical Strike Damage stat.
  • Why no Adaptability:
    • Multiplies base damage of Bash, but not the resulting Bleed.


  • Why Wrath Glyph:
    • Contributes to the Gushing Wounds damage multiplier.
  • Why Hemorrhage:
    • Turns Vulnerable damage into a multiplier.
  • Reaching Armor Cap:
    • If more Armor is needed, path through Iron Strength on the Starting board instead of Raw Power. Doing so costs an extra point, so be willing to sacrifice one elsewhere (probably Berserking Duration).

Season 4 - Loot Reborn

In Season 4, the Season Theme revolves around helping out the Iron Wolves. Compared to past themes, this one does not offer any borrowed power as the entire game has been redesigned with new itemization and crafting options, increasing player power substantially across the board. Instead, you can gather reputation similar to the Vampire Bounty Board from Season 2 to unlock rewards that supercharge your leveling journey to 100 with extra items, crafting materials and eventually even a Resplendent Spark to craft an uber unique.

We recommend to follow the seasonal questline until you unlock the reputation system, check which rewards suit you most and then follow your regular leveling path. To learn more, check out our full Season 4 guide for more information.


  1. Leap into battle to activate/refresh Berserking, and also spawn an Earthquake to benefit from the Aspect as well as Rumble.
  2. Proceed to Bash everything in sight.
  3. For crowds, use Steel Grasp to group stuff up and proc Paingorger's Gauntlets in the process. Then Bash.
  4. Against Bosses and tougher enemies (or whenever it's off cooldown), use Call of the Ancients for a damage and attack speed increase. We choose to take Tempered Call of the Ancients Cooldown Reduction for more uptime on this. Combined with Hectic and other Cooldown Reduction sources, it should be up quite often.
  5. War Cry is another source of Berserking and a damage buff, while Challenging Shout gives a ton of damage reduction while active. They can be used as needed or whenever they are off cooldown.

Gear and Stat Requirements

These builds require specific Aspects, Uniques, Uber Uniques, and Affixes on your gear to perform their primary function. Only deviate from the list below after you have fully learned the intended gameplay style and strategies.

  1. Legendary Aspects:
    • Moonrise:
      • Priority for all variants.
    • Adaptability:
      • Priority for all variants except Rupture + Bleed.
    • Giant Strides:
      • Priority for Leap + CotA and Single Shout variants.
    • Bul-Kathos:
      • Priority for Leap + CotA and Single Shout variants.
    • Earthquake:
      • Priority for Leap + CotA and Single Shout variants.
    • Rapid:
      • Used in all variants.
    • Might:
      • Used in all variants except Leap + CotA.
    • Elements:
      • Used in all variants except Leap + CotA.
    • Edgemaster's:
      • Used in all variants except Rupture + Bleed.
    • Undying:
      • Used in Leap + CotA variant.
    • Hectic:
      • Used in Leap + CotA and Single Shout variants.
    • Inner Calm:
      • Used in Iron Skin and Rupture + Bleed variants.
    • Bold Chieftain's:
      • Used in Iron Skin and Rupture + Bleed variants.
    • Exploiter's:
      • Used in Iron Skin and Rupture + Bleed variants.
    • Iron Warrior:
      • Used in Iron Skin and Rupture + Bleed variants.
    • Berserk Ripping:
      • Used in Rupture + Bleed variant.
  2. Uniques:
    • Paingorger's Gauntlets
      • Used in all variants.
    • Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty:
      • Can be used in all variants.
    • Ramaladni's Magnum Opus:
      • Used in Leap + CotA variant.
    • Yen's Blessing:
      • Used in Single Shout variant.
    • Harlequin Crest:
      • Can be used in all variants.
    • Melted Heart of Selig:
      • Can be used in most variants but is particularly good is any setup that also uses Ramaladni's Magnum Opus. To implement this, move Adaptability to a Ring slot and remove the least valuable offensive Aspect (typically Elements or Edgemaster's).
    • The Grandfather:
      • Used in Rupture + Bleed variant.
  3. Other:
    • Most importantly: this build requires the Furious Augments Temper Manual in order to temper "Bash Cleaves" on weapons. Without it, the damage and area of effect are significantly worse. At a bare minimum, it is not recommended to play the build without first unlocking this.
    • If playing Rupture + Bleed, the Marksman Finesse is required to temper Critical Strike Damage on certain gear slots, and can only be obtained by leveling a Rogue.

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Bash Barbarian Endgame Build Guide - D4 (2024)


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