FromSoftware’s next game in ‘final stages of development’, says Elden Ring director (2024)

FromSoftware’s next game in ‘final stages of development’, says Elden Ring director (1)

Only a few months after the launch of Elden Ring, it’s clear that FromSoftware is far from resting on its laurels, with director Hidetaka Miyazaki revealing that the studio has another game in the works that’s nearing the end of its development.

In a recent interview with 4Gamer (via VGC), Miyazaki was asked about a comment made during an interview back in 2018, in which he said that there were multiple games in development, two of which were unannounced.

The first of these, we now know, was Elden Ring but Miyazaki confirms in this recent interview that the second is now “in the final stages” of its development. It seems, then, that the game has been in development for a while – over four years, at the very least.

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This announcement comes not long after a tweet from the official FromSoftware account, which stated that the studio is currently hiring “for a wide range of positions for multiple new projects".

With roles like “Game Planner” and “System Planner” being advertised, it's pretty clear that some of the titles are still in the early stages. Whether any of these roles is for the 'final stages' game mentioned by Miyazaki isn't known but it's certainly not impossible – ‘final stages’ is not ‘finished’, so there’s likely still plenty to be done.

Interestingly, Miyazaki notes later in the interview that, as a director, his “next title is already in motion” and that he would prefer to “avoid spoilers” in that area, which suggests it’s possibly in its early stages.

Miyazaki also confirms that Elden Ring will continue to receive updates even as work on new games gets underway. He wasn't willing to elaborate on what these updates will involve – though we have seen reports of DLC – but it’s clear that the studio has plenty of reasons to be hiring.

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What could this new game be?

So, there’s a new FromSoftware game on the horizon. But what could it be? Well, earlier this year a new entry in the long-dormant Armored Core series was a popular topic in the rumor mill after a ResetEra user (via VGC) claimed to have received a survey on the game. In screenshots later leaked on social media it looked like it could be pretty well-along in terms of development.

However, the studio hasn’t confirmed these rumors and it could well be something else entirely. Regardless of whether or not this nearly-completed game is another Armored Core title, with Elden Ring not long released and Miyazaki seemingly at work on a new project, it's possible that he’s not at the directorial helm, though could be involved in another way.

Indeed, in the interview with 4Gamer he notes (translated using Google) that he is “developing multiple titles by directors who aren't me”. Only time will tell on this front, though.

As it is, with Elden Ring now out in the world and proving a big success for the studio, we hope we won’t have to wait too long for some official details on what this next game will be.

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FromSoftware’s next game in ‘final stages of development’, says Elden Ring director (2)

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FromSoftware’s next game in ‘final stages of development’, says Elden Ring director (2024)


FromSoftware’s next game in ‘final stages of development’, says Elden Ring director? ›

Only a few months after the launch of Elden Ring, it's clear that FromSoftware is far from resting on its laurels, with director Hidetaka Miyazaki revealing that the studio has another game in the works that's nearing the end of its development.

Is Elden Ring the last FromSoftware game? ›

But now Elden Ring is done—at least for now, as Miyazaki has certainly left the door open to a sequel. And Armored Core 6 seems done, with no indication that an expansion is coming, though I wouldn't be shocked to see one pop up fully formed before the end of the year. But maybe FromSoftware goes dark for awhile.

Which game developer complains about Elden Ring? ›

Last March, a number of professional game developers criticized what they felt was Elden Ring's poor user interface. “[It's] so bad I can only imagine FromSoft's devs smoking at their desk and using CRT monitors,” tweeted Ahmed Salama, a UX director at Ubisoft Stockholm.

Who is the director of Elden Ring? ›

FromSoftware president and Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed that he rarely plays his own games after they have released, and that when he does, he uses everything that a game puts at his disposal to offset his own perceived lack of skill.

What is FromSoftware working on in 2024? ›

FromSoftware is working on DLC for Elden Ring, titled "Shadow of the Erdtree," which is expected to be a significant expansion. The price point is unknown and the release date for the Elden Ring DLC is uncertain, but it is expected to launch some time in 2024.

How many copies of Elden Ring sold in 2024? ›

Sales. Elden Ring sold 13.4 million copies worldwide by the end of March 2022 and 25 million by June 2024, making it one of the best-selling video games of all time. It was the best-selling game in several regions between February and March 2022, and is the fastest-selling Bandai Namco game of all time.

Why do western devs hate Elden Ring? ›

From the perspective of these developers, these quirks of Elden Ring's game design made it less approachable for players; from another perspective, this very lack of instant approachability is what made Elden Ring's gameplay so enticing and rewarding for players across the world.

Why are devs angry at Elden Ring? ›

The devs feel that Elden Ring is stealing all the oxygen in the room for any game releasing in the same time period. For some players its probably FOMO, for some its annoyance at being locked out of a game because of difficulty.

What game was accused of stealing Elden Ring animations? ›

The developer of Bleak Faith: Forsaken will now replace assets purchased from the Epic Marketplace, after being accused of using animations stolen from FromSoftware.

Who is the true villain in Elden Ring? ›

The Greater Will is the overarching antagonist of the 2022 action RPG, Elden Ring.

Who is the actual Elden Lord? ›

Despite this, Godfrey is referred to as the first Elden Lord, being the first consort of Queen Marika.

How long did Elden Ring take to make? ›

One year ago, in February 2022, dark fantasy RPG game Elden Ring was officially released to gamers across the world after a five-year wait. The game's development began in 2017 alongside the widely popular action-adventure game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, released in 2019.

What is FromSoftware most successful game? ›

Elden Ring hits 23 million copies sold, cementing its status as best-selling FromSoftware game.

Who is the CEO of FromSoftware? ›

FromSoft Boss and Elden Ring God Hidetaka Miyazaki's Honest Answer About Gaming Industry Lay-Offs Shows He's More than Just a Money-Making CEO - IMDb.

Is Elden Ring the longest FromSoftware game? ›

Of course, Elden Ring takes the cake for the largest FromSoftware game ever made, taking players around 60 hours just to finish its core content, and over 130 to complete everything.

Is Becoming Elden Lord the end of Elden Ring? ›

This is the standard ending for Elden Ring, seeing your Tarnished take the throne and become Elden Lord after choosing to Mend the Elden Ring after the final boss battle. Getting this ending only requires you to follow the story and beat each of the Main Bosses.

Is Dark Souls 4 coming out? ›

Dark Souls 3 is the final game of the series. There's no Dark Souls 4 going to come, sadly.

Will there be an Elden Ring 2? ›

Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree is officially launching this summer, as revealed by a flashy new gameplay trailer which released earlier today.


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