July Is The Perfect Month To Make A Big Change, According To Astrology (2024)

If you’ve been waiting to make a leap, the stars are *officially* aligned.

By Jacqueline Tempera
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Consider July the month of your wildest dreams—literally. This month is all about dreaming big, envisioning the future, and creating space for what you want. Basically, July is here to encourage all the signs to shake sh*t up and take risks, says Donna Page, an Atlanta-based astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology.

Why, exactly, is this energy in the air? Well, Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy, begins to move retrograde on the 1st, explains Page. “This is the fantasy planet, and it wants us to be creative and really imagine our ideal world,” she says.

Along with that, there will be an emotional new moon in Cancer on July 5, which asks the zodiac to feel their feelings, no matter how uncomfortable they may be, says Page. “The energy of the new moon in Cancer is always about getting in touch with your emotional well-being; you can release negative emotions and manifest everything you want,” Page adds.

Other important astrological happenings to watch out for this month include Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, moving into flirtatious and creative Leo. Then, the second full moon in Capricorn of 2024 illuminates on July 21, emphasizing a balance between our personal and professional lives, says Page.

Want to see what July 2024 has in store for your sign? Keep reading to find out!


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Aries, the summer heat is getting to you, and it’s time to take a break. The past few months have been busy, and the start of July has you contemplating your next career move and wondering which path will benefit you best. It’s difficult to figure all that out with the noise of family, friends, and work surrounding you. So, do whatever you can to bring the volume down a bit and tap into your intuition. If possible, you might choose to get out of town for a few days and regroup.

Mars, the planet of action, is in a part of your chart that focuses on money. While it may be tempting to make moves that will bring you the most financial gain (who doesn’t love a thick wallet!?), it’s important to ask yourself which opportunities align with your authentic self. That tech job might net you a lot of cash, but will it bring you the most fulfillment, Aries? These are questions to consider this July.


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Be careful with your words this month, Taurus. You are the center of attention at work, with big opportunities presenting themselves and doors opening left and right. You’ve earned these wins, so definitely pop champagne and celebrate, but make sure it’s with people who are truly happy for you. It’s possible that certain people around you are feeling jealous or secretly trying to undercut your success. If this is the case for you, direct communication is key.

But don’t let all that pettiness dull your sine this month, Taurus! The full moon in Capricorn on the 21st highlights sharing ideas, again pointing to expansion in your career. You may be making a big presentation or leading a fun event that allows your natural talents to shine through. All the stars are aligned for major success.


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If you’ve felt a bit blah the past few months, Gemini, July is about to bring the heat. The new moon in Cancer on the 5th has money on your mind. You may be considering whether it's time to make an investment, or even start down a new career path. If you’re not inspired by your life and work, it can be difficult to see all the potential for abundance and success in front of you!

For this reason and more, take some time to connect with what you really want this month, Gemini. You likely know just the solution to help you get your focus back, whether that’s a trip to the spa or a night out dancing with the girls. If you listen to your intuition, by the time the grounding full moon in earth sign Capricorn arrives on the 21st, your path forward will be clear.

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Happy birthday, Cancer! The month starts off with a bang when an intense new moon in your sign highlights what’s truly important to you in life. If you’ve been grinding away at work and barely have a minute to breathe (let alone hang with your family, friends or partner), now is a good time to consider more balance.

But, the same goes for any of you Cancers who may be out every night with friends, having the time of their lives, and waiting to ascend in their careers. Basically, this month is a reminder: you need to put energy toward your goals to achieve what you want. And balance is key, especially during the full moon in Capricorn on the 21st. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup, Cancer. Self-care and downtime are just as important as hard work!


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Leo, your birthday is around the corner—and as usual, you're ready to step into the spotlight! Mars, the planet of action, has you focused on your career goals this month. If you’ve been considering applying for a promotion, asking for a raise, or even starting up your own company, consider this the universe's signal that it’s go time.

Be mindful as you navigate work conversations, because your enthusiasm (boosted by good ole' Mars) can sometimes agitate those around you. But remember that you don’t need to stick to the status quo to succeed, and while people may question your methods, you owe it to yourself to chase your dreams. The sun enters your sign on the 22nd, officially marking your birth month and Leo season. Venus, the planet of love, and Mercury, the planet of communication, also land in your sign this month, really making it your time to shine with the energy of all of the planets behind you!


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You know that big project you’ve been putting off, Virgo? Well, July is the time to go after it. This is the month to chase your dreams and start laying the groundwork for success. While building the next great social media platform or life-coaching program may not happen overnight, you can start taking steps to get the ball rolling. There is an energy of transformation happening for Virgos this July, with the potential to make huge strides on visions that will manifest in the next year or two.During this exciting time, don't forget to rely on your friends, family, and loved ones for support and encouragement when needed. The full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn brings a peaceful energy to your sign at the end of the month. Enjoy the ride, Virgo!

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Libra, July is all about recognition. You’ve been quietly hustling at your 9 to 5 and your passion projects for a while now. Expect to be rewarded for these efforts and, perhaps, even a new opportunity beyond what you could’ve imagined for yourself. This energy is especially strong around the new moon in Cancer on the 5th, so keep your eyes open and keep doing you! The right people are noticing.

That said, make sure you're also taking care of yourself, Libra. While it is exciting to get your much-needed validation and support at work, don’t burn yourself out. You know what you're doing, so trust your intuition. This will be easier during the grounding full moon in Capricorn on the 21st, so perhaps take some time around then to journal, meditate, or do whatever you need to connect back to yourself.


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You’ve been feeling restless, Scorpio, and July is the time for you to spread your wings. The new moon in fellow water sign Cancer lights up your need to travel and explore new places and topics. You may find yourself literally grabbing your passport and suitcase, or simply transporting yourself to new places through education (whether that's a new course, workshop, or community group).

Consider the first half of the month as your research period before you take bold action when the sun enters the fire sign of Leo on the 22nd. Around that time, the full moon in Capricorn reminds you there's always more to learn, and acquiring new knowledge can propel you toward your dreams.


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Sagittarius, if you’ve felt unlucky with money in 2024, July may change that for you. The new moon in Cancer is highlighting your financial obligations. Before you run for cover, remember: Facing your responsibilities head-on will alleviate your stress in the long run. Taking an honest look at your money and bills will allow you to assess what you need.

Onto the good stuff, though! The stars point to abundance for you this month, whether that means a new position, client, or even a winning lottery ticket. So keep your eyes open for opportunity, all thanks to Jupiter, the planet of expansion opposite your sign. You desire freedom, Sag, and when you get your wallet in order, it’ll come for you.

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Capricorn, you may be feeling a bit needy this month. That’s okay! The new moon in Cancer, an emotional water sign, has you thinking about your relationships. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and need from others. This will make your life easier and cause you less pain, even if it feels uncomfortable to voice your needs out loud.

The same is true at work; if you don’t like the way a colleague speaks to you or feel like you need to set boundaries around your working hours, this is the time to feel your feelings and then take action. You deserve respect, Cap, but others can’t give you what you want if you don’t ask them to. If you’re looking for more opportunities at work, Mars enters your sign on the 20th, bringing with it opportunities galore. Pick a direction and go for it, Cap! The choice is yours.


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The powerful new moon in Cancer on the 5th has you feeling reflective, Aquarius. Lean into this energy, and spend some quality time with yourself. When you're alone and journaling, or even just reflecting on your own thoughts, you’ll understand yourself and your desires better.

Focus on what brings you peace this month, and notice which situations leave you stressed and depleted. While you can’t always avoid the tasks you don’t like, it is important to observe patterns about, well, what you enjoy and what you don't. Change is on the horizon, but it’s not here yet, so you might feel a bit like you're in limbo. Your challenge in July is to lean into the unknown and actually enjoy it!


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You may find yourself lost in your daydreams this July, Pisces. You can thank Neptune, your ruling planet and the planet of dreams, for this. Neptune is moving retrograde, bringing you into a fantasy world of your own creation. Try to spend this time tapping into your creative energy, and follow any artistic urges you have during this month. Maybe you discover a love of writing, pottery, or watercolor painting.

TL;DR? Your goal this month is to have fun and indulge in your imagination. On the 21st, the full moon in earth sign Capricorn will pull you back to reality. But enjoy your time in your own world, Pisces! This era will be an invaluable one.

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Jacqueline Tempera

Jacqueline Tempera is an award-winning writer and reporter living in New Jersey with her many pets. She is a business owner and a double Scorpio who loves all things astrology and reality television. She is passionate about body diversity and representation, mental health, and the fight to end sexual assault and harassment. To learn more about Jackie, follow her on Instagram @jacktemp or visit her website at jackietempera.com.

July Is The Perfect Month To Make A Big Change, According To Astrology (2024)


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