Legit or Scam? Here’s What Happened When We Took Surveys on Valued Opinions (2024)

We’re all about ways to make extra money here at The Penny Hoarder. And one of the simplest ways is completing surveys.

You’re not going to make a fortune. But if you’re just sitting around watching TV anyway, why not make a few bucks?

Whenever we find out about a new survey site, we take if for a test drive before recommending it to our readers. Here’s what happened when we tried Valued Opinions…

The Penny Hoarder’s Valued Opinions Review

Valued Opinions is one of the easiest and highest paying survey sites I’ve ever used — all of the surveys I took paid at least $1.50.

The surveys also stay true to the website’s name and goals — it really does pay you for your opinions. I took surveys on tons of different topics, from my views on certain cultural trends to which video game consoles I’m interested in and why.

It also offered product testing as a way to earn extra money through its website.

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Legit or Scam? Here’s What Happened When We Took Surveys on Valued Opinions (1)

Signing up is easy, and the layout of the website is inviting and simpleto navigate. You fill out your personal info and the site determines which surveys you’re qualified to take.

When you first make your account, you’ll fill out different profiles about yourself, about topics like transportation, education, consumer habits, and others. The site uses this info to send you surveys you’ll almost always be qualified to take.

The image below is a what your dashboard looks like. Whenever there are available surveys, they’ll be listed in the “My Surveys” section.

Legit or Scam? Here’s What Happened When We Took Surveys on Valued Opinions (2)

I’ve already taken a few today, so my list is empty. I get around 2-4 emails every day with available survey options.

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Once you finish a survey, the site usually prompts you to take a few more. I didn’t end up qualifying for all of them, but I was able to take quite a few.

Although you can’t redeem your survey money for actual cash, you can redeem it for a Visa gift card, or purchase gift cards for major retailers such as Macy’s, Nike and Amazon in $20 increments.

The site charges a $2 fee, which is why the $20 gift cards cost you $22. Luckily, the surveys pay well, so it won’t take long to earn that extra $2.

The lowest amount you can redeem is $10, but it’s for retailers like magazines.com, which I don’t personally use, so I’m holding out for an Amazon card. I haven’t redeemed any awards yet, but the website states it emails you the gift card code within 24 hours.

Legit or Scam? Here’s What Happened When We Took Surveys on Valued Opinions (3)

Here’s a list of all the surveys I’ve taken within the last week. As I said before, these are some of the higher paying surveys I’ve seen out of the sites I’ve used.

None of them are under $1.50. The lowest one I saw, but ended up disqualifying for, was $1. They’re quick surveys, too — most only took 15-20 minutes.

Legit or Scam? Here’s What Happened When We Took Surveys on Valued Opinions (4)

In a little over a week, I’ve earned $11.50.

At this pace, it’ll only take me another week to earn the $22 I need to cash out my rewards for the Amazon gift card I want.

With its high paying surveys, interesting topics and short survey times, Valued Opinions is definitely worth checking out if you want to make a few extra bucks on your spare time.

Jacquelyn Pica is anjunior writer/SEO specialistat The Penny Hoarder.

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Legit or Scam? Here’s What Happened When We Took Surveys on Valued Opinions (2024)


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