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    August 2022 in Store Information and Policy

    I saw an add for the lg 55 inch tv and wantded to purchase limited availability I went to the store to get one and waited in line to make sure they were not sold out when I went to check out they said my credit card was denied . I ask why and was told the account was closed . They gave me a phone number to call and they said that the last time I used the card was march 2022 and they automatically closed the accounts if not used. They would not reactivate the card or give me the price . Has anyone else had this problem I complained to wells farga and they said it was up to the store . The card does not have an experation date and I was not notified . Seems like a bad buisness plan to me . I purchase there quite often but usually pay cash.

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    • Greetings. Micro Center cards through Wells Fargo cancel automatically is not used after 18 months of inactivity - as in, no purchases made using the card or no balance on the account. If the last transaction was indeed in 2022 and not an earlier year, it should not have been cancelled unless done directly with Wells Fargo. If the account is closed, you would need to re-apply for the card online or at a Micro Center store location.

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    • MiltonAraujo

      microcenter credit card (8)

      August 2022


      Same thing happened to me three times now.

      I would like to buy a new laptop using my Microcenter credit card. Just found out the account was closed again.

      So I need to re apply for the card.

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    • kdschlosser

      microcenter credit card (10)

      November 2022


      IDK if my card has been closed or not. I used the card in January of this year and this past Saturday I went to MicroCenter to purchase a new laptop and the card came back declined. I had a balance on the car until September of this year so the 18 month clock should not start ticking until the balance is paid off. The other thing is when I called they were closed byt the balance information said there was a zero balance and made no mention of the account being closed. It stated the available balance which would mean the account was still open.

      It's embarrassing to have this kind of thing happen because it makes it look like you have a maxed out card. The manager on duty was not able to provide me for a reason why it was being declined and only said that I had to call them. This is simply bad business if they close peoples accounts without sending a letter to the card holder that the account will be closed because of inactivity. I had the money to pay for the laptop but i had to move the money from savings to my debit and that takes times to do. I would have done it while waiting in line if I had planned on it. So this held up the line while I did the transfer using the mobile app for my bank (which isn't incredibly fast).

      18 months of inactivity is incredibly short considering the kinds of products that are sold by MicroCenter. Think about how often a person would buy a new computer? once every 2-3 years possibly longer. It's not like MicroCenter sells a lot of consumable things that need to be bought on a weekly or even monthly basis. There is no real dollars spent to keep the account open other then a paper bill getting sent. So offer the option to not close the account automatically if they do paperless billing. It's not like a person has to do anything with the account at all. the computers manage all of it.

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    • kdschlosser

      microcenter credit card (12)

      November 2022


      The other thing is to tell people they have to reapply for the card is a really crappy thing. applying for cards has a negitive impact on a persons credit score and it should not be considered a solution. MicroCenter and Wells Fargo need to alter that 18 months to a reasonable amount of time like 36 months or even 48 months considering the kinds of products they sell.

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