Pisces: Get Your Real-Time Daily Horoscope for Today (2024)


Horoscope for Wednesday, July 10

You may feel ambivalent about today because the presence of the Sun, Mercury and Neptune, will leave you marooned between dreams and reality all day long. You'll have to perform a balancing act between your desire to dream and the constraints of everyday life. This is a configuration that will make your emotions yoyo, leading to ups and downs that are sometimes difficult to manage.

In love, you'll dream of deep feelings, devastating passions and romantic words, then have a sudden crash back into reality when you realize you have a long way to go before you can fulfill these desires. Have courage, you're on the right track, but remember that the greatest achievements take time.

On the work side, today you'll have your head in the clouds, so be careful not to let your boss notice or they'll be sure to turn your clouds into a thunderstorm!


Your luck will be impacted by Neptune. Today you'll have to carefully navigate between failure and betrayal, success and achievement. If you find yourself out of your depth today you should be capable of getting out of the situation.

So make the most of your luck to reinforce your common sense. Who knows what may happen! You might just win the jackpot that will change your career!

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Pisces in love

In matters of the heart, today's astral sky is heavily influenced by Neptune. And, of course, like a typical Pisces, you tend to see your love life through rose-tinted glasses. You tend to float on a cloud! If you're in a relationship you'll be focused on sharing time with your partner and may also show a tendency to be fusional. You don't want to ever be separated from your love so you never have to feel their lack.

If you're single you're dreaming of that overwhelming passion that would turn your world upside down. You're so busy dreaming of your perfect world that you have trouble facing the reality of your current loneliness.

In a relationship: love feels intense

Influenced by Neptune, you'll be very demonstrative and keen to show your partner how sincere your feelings are. If you've been in a relationship for a long time, today's energy will make you feel an almost chemical attraction for the person sharing your life, helping you get back those electric feelings of your first days together.

A little playfulness, some thoughtfulness, a few loving gestures and some time spent together, can all help you rekindle the spark of passion and true love.

Single: your imagination is powerful

Single Pisces will have a hard time enduring their loneliness on this Wednesday, so thanks to Neptune, you'll escape into your thoughts. You dream of an overwhelming passion that would transform your entire life.

You'll imagine what your ideal partner will look like, you'll visualize your life together in the smallest detail! It might be said that your imagination is running riot, but you'll be filled with hope for the future and you'll know that it's worth the wait to get what you want with all your heart.

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Pisces at work

Today's astral sky suggests you'll feel very disconnected at work today. If you were back at school you'd hide at the back of the class so the teacher couldn't see you daydreaming. You'll be full of dreams about your ideal job, or winning the lottery so you can spend your life doing just what you want.

Perhaps you're considering going back to school to get more qualifications? Moving abroad to grow olives? Setting up your own business? Thanks to Mercury, you'll have no shortage of ideas for livening up your career, but make sure you complete all your tasks before you head home tonight because there's a lot of work to do.

Opportunities: that meet your desires

If you are dreaming about changing your life Mercury could bring you the answer you've been looking for.

It could be that a meeting today leads to that promotion you've wanted for some time. Or you could be offered new projects and overtime that require you to exercise your creativity.

Pisces and money

The astral sky promises good things for your finances. Mercury's influence should mean an end to your period of turbulence and a move towards more stability.

New contracts could influence this improvement in your finances. So you can finally allow yourself to make long-term plans and this relieves you of the weight on your shoulders.

Gains and losses: your efforts finally pay off

Essentially, any gains you see are the result of your long-term effort and your refusal to clock-watch when things need doing.

It's not luck but hard work that's created any gains you have today. You've been intelligent and patient and any money you have is amply deserved. Congratulations!

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An overview of your day of July 10

As a typical Pisces, the atmosphere generated by the Sun, Mercury and Neptune today predisposes you to have your head in the clouds, rather than your feet on the ground. This propels you into a world where everything is beautiful and rosy, but the return to reality may be brutal, especially at work or in your love life.

Unfortunately, no matter how good your dream of changing careers with the snap of your fingers, or meeting the love of your life in the coffee shop, reality is going to catch up with you. It will remind you that you still have a boss to answer to and you still need to deal with being single at the moment.

That said, your finances look in good shape so you don't need to build castles in the air there! It looks like Lady Luck will help you avoid the major pitfalls today, so make the most of her help.

My advice is to life your life to the fullest today.

If you stop fighting against the inevitable and accept things as they are miracles start to happen. There is a form of freedom in this kind of radical acceptance. Today, try letting going of your unrealistic expectations, and see things as they really are, not as you would like them to be. I think you'll be surprised how easily things will fall into place once you can do this.

When you refuse to accept reality, your life becomes complicated. You act without thinking and your world becomes chaotic and murky. Don't try to force change or manipulate circ*mstances. Being able to accept reality gives you the key to freedom that opens the door to the real possibilities available to you.

Pisces: Get Your Real-Time Daily Horoscope for Today (2024)


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