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Ontario teen arrested for DWI after driving with open container and headphones

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office reports the arrest of a man following a traffic stop in the Town of Sodus. Deputies arrested Noah Gumble, 18, of Ontario on several charges, including Driving While Intoxicated. Gumble ... more

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Palmyra man arrested for DWI after overnight crash

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reports the arrest of a Palmyra man following a traffic crash in the Town of Palmyra. Colin J. Vanhaneghan, of Route 21, was taken into custody at 1:14 a.m. on ... more

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Former Palmyra man arrested for animal cruelty

A former Palmyra resident was arrested for animal cruelty after videos showed him beating a Great Dane named Willow. Brian Gelletto, 51, was investigated by Palmyra Village Police for incidents that occurred in February 2023 ... more

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Vehicle burns on Rt. 104 in Wayne County: Driver faces several charges including felony DWI, possessing crack

State Troopers responded to a burning vehicle on Route 104 in Ontario on Thursday night. The driver, Adalberto Garcia-Diaz, 42, of Geneva, was found to be intoxicated. Garcia-Diaz admitted to drinking five Corona beers and ... more

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Galen man charged for leaving loaded handguns unattended in truck

A Town of Galen man has been arrested for leaving handguns in an unattended vehicle. Nathan D. Rigby was charged following an investigation by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office into a disturbance in Savannah in ... more

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Romulus man arrested for DWI

Seneca County Sheriff Tim Thompson reports that a Romulus man was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated on July 6 at approximately 12:30 a.m.. Raymond Duerr of Romulus was taken into custody by Sheriff’s Deputies. The ... more

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Lyons man arrested for unauthorized use of vehicle

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office arrested a Lyons man on July 5 for unauthorized use of a vehicle. Rex A. Payne, 33, turned himself in at the Wayne County Jail. He was wanted on an ... more

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Junius man arrested for violating order of protection

The Seneca County Sheriff's Office arrested a 20-year-old man from Junius on July 3 for violating a protection order. Charles Damick III was taken into custody after deputies found him with a person he was ... more

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Junius man arrested for choking person during domestic incident

Seneca County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a 37-year-old man from Junius on July 4 for choking another person during a domestic dispute. Zachery G. Lesterhuis, was charged with Criminal Obstruction of Breathing and two counts of ... more

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Seneca Falls man arrested for DWI after speeding

The Seneca Falls Police arrested a 51-year-old man for drunk driving after a traffic stop on June 30. Wesley J. Keltz was pulled over on Fall Street at 8:13 PM for speeding. Officers determined he ... more

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Gunshots damage property in Ithaca after fight involving multiple people

Ithaca Police are investigating gunshots that damaged property on East Green Street on July 3. Around 10:35 PM, officers responded to reports of a fight involving weapons in the 100 block of East Green Street ... more

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Galen man arrested for improper firearm storage after disturbance

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man from the Town of Galen after investigating a disturbance on May 10. Nathan D. Rigby, of Galen, was found to have left his car running in the ... more

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Seneca Falls woman arrested after domestic assault

The Seneca Falls Police Department arrested a local woman after a domestic incident on July 4. Michelle L. Baker, 35, was taken into custody for hitting a family member multiple times in the face with ... more

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Newark man arrested in Sodus for warrants and drug charges

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Newark man on July 3 after investigating a disturbance in Sodus. Deputies arrested Marcus Beane, 39, of West Miller Street, on a warrant for failing to appear on ... more

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Walworth teen faces serious charges for string of commercial burglaries in Yates County

The Yates County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Walworth teenager on July 1 for a series of commercial burglaries. Khalil R. Lewis, 19, was charged with two counts of third-degree burglary, one count of second-degree criminal ... more

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Wolcott man arrested for violating court order in Waterloo, then fleeing on foot leading to chase

Waterloo Police arrested a Wolcott man on June 30 for violating an order of protection and obstructing government administration. John M. Leflore, 24, allegedly went to the protected party's home and fled when officers arrived ... more

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Waterloo man faces more charges for trying to use fake $100 bills

Waterloo Police arrested a local man on July 2 for trying to use a fake $100 bill at a local business. Arcangel L. Soler Jr., 55, was charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument ... more

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Williamson man arrested for DWI in Farmington

Ontario County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a Williamson man for driving while intoxicated on July 3. Jacob Willis, 27, was taken into custody after deputies responded to a complaint about a possible intoxicated driver on State ... more

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Tompkins business owner charged with $1M Medicaid fraud

David Moore, owner of ASAP 2, has been arrested for allegedly stealing over $1 million from Medicaid through false billing and illegal kickbacks. New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that Moore paid Medicaid recipients ... more

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