V1.0 Official Release Notes | 7 Days to Die (2024)

V1.0 Official Release Notes | 7 Days to Die (1)

7 Days to Die 1.0: Important Dates

Here is the current schedule. Note some dates are still subject to change.

  • June 21st – 7 Days to Die 1.0 Experimental – Streamer Weekend Steam
  • June 24th – 7 Days to Die 1.0 Experimental – Public Experimental Steam
  • June 28th (Tentative Date) – Console Edition 1.0 – Wishlisting PS5 & Xbox Series X/S
  • July 15th (Tentative Date) – Delisting the Legacy Console Game from digital stores
  • July 25th – 7 Days to Die 1.0 Official Stable – Steam and Microsoft PC
  • July 25th (Tentative Date) – Console Edition 1.0 – PS5 and Xbox Series X/S launch including a 25% Discount on the purchase of the new product for Legacy Digital owners of the PS4 and Xbox One Telltale Edition. (Discount Subject to Console Policies)

Version 1.0 Streamer Weekend

If you missed the News 7 Days to Die 1.0 Streamer Weekend Event will begin: THIS FRIDAY, June 21st at 12 PM CST. Fans will be able to see over 270 streamers from thirty countries, in sixteen different languages in this three day event.

7 Days to Die 1.0: Over a Decade in the Making

After nearly twelve years of early access, the highly anticipated Version 1.0 release of “7 Days to Die” is here! This momentous milestone marks a significant evolution in the survival horror genre, paired with an updated release for current-gen consoles coming in just a few weeks.

The 1.0 Edition brings more optimizations, polish, quality-of-life improvements, new content, new features, and new gameplay systems than ever before.

If you have never played 7 Days to Die or you have not played it for a while, you’re going to want to check out version 1.0. Building on an already amazing foundation, this update sets the bar even higher for the survival genre.

Post 1.0: Roadmap

For us 1.0 is a huge milestone and it will bring parity to the game on all platforms and sets us up with the tools and engine pipeline to deliver even more content, updates and new features faster and better to all formats including crossplay and so much more.

Here is a high level preview of our post 1.0 features Roadmap stay tuned:

V1.0 Official Release Notes | 7 Days to Die (2)

New HD Character System

“7 Days to Die 1.0” introduces a brand new custom-built from the ground up Character System which offers all new High Definition Models, 1st and 3rd person animations, variations and all new skin and hair shaders to elevate the overall experience. This comprehensive system enhances player immersion, allowing for a personalized and engaging gaming experience. See your hands in the viewport, the sex, skin color and the real gloves you’re wearing. Enjoy seeing your full HD model on vehicles, in the UI and with your friends. See what your co-op friend is looking at with the new character head tracking system. The new system offers extensive customization options including:

  • Presets: Choose from a wide variety of pre-made character presets to get a jump-start on your adventure in Navezgane.
  • Create your own custom character with a wide variety of of customization options including:
    • Sexes: Male or Female
    • Races: Black, White, Asian, Native
    • Face: Each race and sex has four different face options for a total of 32 face options
    • Eyes: There are over thirty eye color options
    • Hairstyles: There are twenty unique hairstyles
    • Hair Color: There are ten unique hair colors
    • Mustaches: There are five unique mustache styles to choose from
    • Chops: There are five unique lamb chop styles to choose from
    • Beards: There are five unique beard styles

New Player Armor/Clothing System

Along with a brand new Character System in Version 1.0 we have also added a brand new High Definition Armor and Clothing System. This extensive new system amplifies player immersion, enabling a customized and compelling gaming adventure where looting, finding, crafting and upgrading Armor matters.

Witness your hands in the viewport, complete with details like gender, skin color, and the actual clothing you’re wearing. Delight in the sight of your high-definition model on vehicles watching details animate like cloth and backpacks jiggle, Experience the ability to observe what your co-op companion is focusing on, courtesy of the new character head tracking system. Moreover, the enhanced system provides a plethora of customization choices, allowing for extensive personalization including:

  • Sixteen full sets of unique armor with Male and Female variants
  • Four main clothing groups include: headgear, bodywear, footwear and gloves.
  • 1 primitive set, 5 light sets, 6 medium sets, 4 heavy sets
  • Except for the primitive set, each armor set comes with a set bonus when you are wearing all four pieces of one set with the lowest quality item governing the strength of that bonus.
  • For Example if you we’re wearing the Lumberjack Armor set you would receive the following bonuses:
    • Double wood harvest
    • 5% less stamina use when using axes with a Q1 item in the mix
    • Every slot using Q6 items in slots changes the stamina bonus to 30%
  • We have kept and reworked most clothing mods with many options including:
    • Glasses have been reworked as armor mods
      • The following adds +1 to the attribute
        • Perception – was the Shades
        • Strength – was the Cigar
        • Fortitude – was the Tough Guy Sunglasses
        • Agility – was the Ski Goggles
        • Intellect – was the Nerdy Glasses
        • Treasure Hunter Mod – previously Lucky Goggles
          • +10% XP Gain
          • +10% Better Loot
          • Treasure Radius -1
        • Night Vision Goggles – now in mod form
          • Updated screen effect
    • The cigar is now an armor mod
      • Adds +1 to Strength and +10% Bartering
    • Added a Quad Pocket Mod
    • Multiple pocket mods can be added to armor
      • Must be of different sizes
        • i.e. Two Triple Mods cannot be installed in one armor piece
    • Stealth Boots Mod – previously Military Stealth Boots
      • Reduces the noise and stamina penalties of medium and heavy boots

New Animal Models

Our elite team of character artists have been hard at work updating all of our animal models to match the modern aesthetics of our updated HD zombies. The system comes with new models, rigs, more realistic animations and a brand new high tech fur shader to make hair and fur more realistic. The current HD animal roster includes:

  • Deer, stag, wolf, and mountain lion.
  • Coming in a future patch: Bear, zombie bear, boar, Grace, vulture, rabbit, snake, and dire wolf, coyote and vulture

These updates will be released progressively in patches as animation and rigging are completed, adding more lifelike and detailed creatures to the survival experience.

New Challenge System

We did away with the old tutorial quest and journal system and rolled them into a brand new Challenge System. The challenge system is designed to help new players learn the ropes with an easy-to-follow introduction questline that offers worthwhile rewards. Additionally, long-term challenges keep players engaged with enticing rewards for completing various challenge categories while teaching more advanced mechanics. This system ensures both new and veteran players have continuous goals to strive for, enhancing their gameplay experience. The system includes:

  • Over one hundred and twenty unique challenges are broken into twelve categories
    • Basics of Survival
    • Homesteading
    • Advanced Survival
    • Crafting
    • Traders and Crafting
    • Harvesting
    • Gathering
    • Farmer
    • Survivor
    • Hunter
    • Zombie Slayer
  • A challenge quest tracking system. Track what you want and see your progress
  • Redeem completed challenges for XP. Some challenges can be redeemed for XP and rewards given by any trader. See each challenge for details.
  • Some items have in-game sprite help making it easier to learn
  • Do the challenges in any order of and still get credit for your work or resources you have on

New Vehicle Models

Our artists have also given the existing vehicle models an update, bringing them to parity with the other improved models in Version 1.0. Most vehicles now have additional seating to accommodate at least one friend. There are also new vehicle armor mods available that allow them to withstand wasteland wear-and-tear. Many vehicle mods now have a visual model update so you can see the mods you have installed. These updates enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the vehicles, offering a more immersive and enjoyable driving experience in the game.

The update has many improvements including:

  • Bicycle
  • Mini Bike
  • Motorcycle
  • 4×4 Truck (Now comes with 4 default seats and can be modded to hold 6 players)
  • Gyrocopter (Now comes with 2 seats to fly with your friend)
  • We have added new Vehicle Mods. These mods are visible on the model. Including:
    • Bicycle
      • Light Mod
    • Motorcycle
      • Armor Mod
    • 4×4 Truck
      • Plow Armor Mod
    • Gyrocopter
      • Armor Mod
      • Light Mod

Random World Generation Updates

Several improvements and optimizations have been made to our RWG system, making it leaner, faster, and able to create better looking worlds than ever before, with refined composition and layouts improving the overall fidelity and detail of generated worlds.

RWG Game Improvements include :

  • Faster Creation Time: The time required to generate new worlds has been significantly reduced.
  • District Density Calculation: Improved calculations for better urban planning and layout.
  • Biome Distribution Variants: New variants to create more diverse and interesting world biomes.
  • Road Smoothing: Enhanced road generation for smoother and more realistic paths.
  • Bigger Cities and More POIs: Approximately 50% more Points of Interest, with larger cities and more wilderness locations.
  • Chunk Reset: Improved chunk management and resetting for a more seamless experience.
  • Performance POI Placement: A new POI placement algorithm has been implemented to keep cities more performant placing lighter weight POIS around more expensive heavier weight POIS
  • The Burnt Forest Biome is back in newly created and Pregen RWG maps

RWG Tool Improvements Include:

  • New biome distribution presets include:
    • Biome Layout
      • Center Forest – Default
      • Center Wasteland
      • Circle – Biomes arranged like a pie chart
      • Line – Biomes arranged like a layered cake with 90° rotations i.e. Forest to the South Wasteland to the North
  • Burnt Forest is back!
  • District Colors
    • Light Blue = Rural
    • Yellow = Industrial
    • Blue = Commercial
    • Grey = Downtown
    • Green = Residential
  • Darker Colors of each above are lower density POI’s like remnants
    • Red = Traders
    • White = Wilderness
  • Spawn Points in the forest can be seen when zoomed into the map. They are small X’s on the country roads and arenear wilderness POI’s within 1km of a trader.

New Points of Interest

In order to complement our updated RWG system, our Level Design team has added a ton of new content with over 75 new POIs that will be coming to Version 1.0.

Notable additions, improvements and efforts include:

  • A high focus on new remnants enhancing performance and providing more diverse environments to explore with lighter zombie counts. A majority of the remnants were created for the downtown district which was low on these types. These efforts have helped significantly with performance.
  • New high-tier locations have been introduced for players to explore and conquer.
  • Haven Hotel (Tier 5)
  • 7 Days Suites (Tier 5)
  • Navezgane Athletics Complex (Tier 5)
  • Grover High (Tier 5)
  • Minotaur Theater (Tier 5)
  • 6 – New Tier 4’s
  • A new zombie spawning throttling triggering system has been added to the level editor and the level designers have made use of it to keep the higher count POIS challenging but running better.
  • RWG Performance POI Placement: A new POI placement algorithm has been implemented to keep cities more performant placing lighter weight POIS around more expensive heavier weight POIS

New Zombie Variants and Zombie Updates

Our existing zombies didn’t get left out. Version 1.0 introduces several new zombie variants with unique outfits. Most have received several clothing, skin and hari variation options that spawn, giving large groups a more organic composition and promoting an immersive experience.

Notable additions include:

  • A nurse from a children’s hospital with bears on her uniform
  • A bowling alley-themed outfit for the fat Hawaiian zombie.
  • Many more variants are coming, adding fresh visual elements to the game’s undead horde.
  • The demolition zombie has received a complete model makeover, aligning with the newest generation of zombie models. This iconic foe now features an updated and more terrifying look.

World Lighting Graphics Update

The shader programming and technical art team have been busy adding in an overall improved lighting model that looks amazing. Improvements include:

  • Overall more even and consistent lighting
  • Over bright areas are toned down and areas that were too dark are easier to see
  • Details in world and character models are more noticeable
  • You can play now without a mining helmet or torch in dark areas
  • Biome Spectrums and Storm Spectrums have been reworked to give the right amount of mood but provide more consistent lighting overall
  • AO has been turned back on
  • Shadows on Grass has been turned back on
  • FSR has been added to the Graphics Options
    • AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) uses cutting-edge open upscaling and advanced frame generation technologies to help boost your framerates in supported games and deliver amazing high-quality, high-performance gaming on virtually any hardware.


We have worked hard to optimize the game for all SKUs. Efforts to make the game run on the consoles has paid off. Many optimizations have been done including:

  • A new POI placement algorithm has been implemented to keep cities more performant placing lighter weight POIS around more expensive heavier weight POIs
  • A ton of lighter weight remnant POIs have been made to lighten the weight of cities and give more variety in POIs
  • A new zombie spawning throttling triggering system has been added to the level editor and the level designers have made use of it to keep the higher count POIS challenging but running better.
  • Many art assets have had reduced draw calls or simproved settings in Unity to make them run more preformant
  • The Cutout atlas has been removed
  • A new window tinting system makes window glass opaque until you get close. Occluding the interior or exterior improves performance (moderately), especially for skyscrapers.
  • Game updated to Unity 2022 LTS with better Vulkan and DX12 support (Note: DX12 performance seems worse than DX11)
  • New lighting update manager
  • Ambient occlusion better handles large amounts of props
  • Block entities (props) spawn over multiple frames

Massive Progression Update

We have given a lot of attention to overall progression and balance in version 1.0. Here are some of the more notable improvements:

  • Traders give less dukes and have nerfed rewards that no longer break progression.
  • Trader inventories offer sales staged items for sale that are more appropriate for your character’s level.
  • The game is a little more crafting oriented than in the past, and legendary items are now craftable.
  • The end result is the game feels much more balanced and even in a coop team players will find themselves still engaged on day 70, single players even further.
  • Crafting
    • Quality 6 crafting is back
  • Tools/Weapons/Armor
    • Requires new Legendary Parts
  • Traders/Biome order
    • Rekt – Forest
    • Jen – Burnt
    • Bob – Desert
    • Hugh – Snow
    • Joel – Wasteland
  • Quests
    • Quest Progression has been improved so you get higher Tier Quests offered with each trader and can roll back to lower tiers if you want to
  • Armor
    • Quality determines perk level
    • Basic Example – Q1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 = 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50%

Legendary Crafting

  • We have added new Legendary Parts which can be acquired in high end loot chests, and higher Trader rewards
  • With these player can craft Legendary Q6 weapons, tools, and armor

Dew Collector Overhaul

The Dew Collector has been reworked. It now supports 3 workstation tools, one of which is a water filter. This change makes the Dew Collector available early in game, but it collects murky water without having the filter installed.

Enhanced Gore System

Along with the new Zombie variants comes the new and improved Dismemberment Gore System, ensuring consistent dismemberment across zombie types, and as a bonus, there are also brand-new blood splatter particles to complete the visceral experience of combat.

With Version 1.0, the entire zombie lineup has been upgraded with new gore pieces, including a complete overhaul of recently updated zombies from past Alphas. This ensures all zombies are consistent with the latest technology, enhancing the game’s visual impact and immersion.

Updated Road Decals

Say goodbye to one of our last remaining legacy assets, our original Road Decals. They’ve been revamped, giving them a modern face-lift to help make the roads and lots of Navezgane County feel more lived in and legitimate.

Players can now enjoy enhanced realism with updated road decals, featuring more detailed and immersive trash and debris scattered on the roads. This update adds another layer of authenticity to the game environment, making the post-apocalyptic world feel more lived-in and engaging.

Twitch Integration Update

The latest update introduces exciting new features for Twitch integration:

  • Small Zombies: A new command that shrinks down the size of zombies, adding a fun and challenging twist to gameplay.
  • On Screen Extension: Interactive Twitch features are now displayed directly on screen, enhancing the viewer and streamer experience.

These features provide more interactive and engaging content for both players and their audiences.

New World Borders

The game now features layered world borders, replacing the old radiation zones. The very outer layer is a no-go zone, preventing players from walking off the map. Just inside this is a no-build zone, ensuring players cannot build too close to the edge. As players approach the border, the area fogs up, providing a clear visual cue. This system allows more Points of Interest (POIs) to spawn near the map’s edges, increasing the playable area while communicating to the player you can’t go that way.

New Upgradeable Player Chests

Introducing player writeable storage boxes! Start with a basic wooden box, which can be upgraded to iron, and eventually to steel. Each upgrade increases the storage capacity, providing more space for your items. Additionally, these chests feature writeable areas that display custom text, allowing for easy organization and labeling of your stored goods. Up to three lines of copy can be added. Happy chest placing, survivors!

Environment Art Update

The environment team has been busy with many new art updates that will further immerse you for 1.0 experience including:

  • New movie theater seats, new soda and drink vending machines, new TV studio camera, new mini beverage coolers, new food and candy posters, new retro electric and gas signs, new neon signs, new camping tents, new chemistry set, new modular iron wrought fence set with destructive states. Dishong tower tribute plaque, zombie spawner tombstone, swing set model, commercial food trash can, new ceiling lights, new mailboxes, new electric fuse boxes, new shipping crane
  • New plants and vegetation such as: Hops plant, Pumpkins and coffee plants
  • Decorative assets such as: office desk pictures, trophies, business wall signs
  • Art updates to old assets such as: updated spinning blade trap, updated recycling pallets (cans, cardboard paper), updated rocks and boulders, updated commercial dumpster, updated bathroom and kitchen faucets, updated barbed wire fences.
  • Last but not least, a major optimization pass on almost all of the environmental art props to get ready for console. Including shader and texture optimizations, as well as mesh optimizations to improve game performance.

Block Shape Updates

The environment Art team has been busy with many new block shapes to build with.
162 new shapes added to fill in missing shapes to roofs, railings, poles, stairs, and many more.
A few notable ones include:

  • Wedge Stairs Railing Left, Right, Tip Left, and Tip Right
  • Wedge Stairs Railing Metal Left, Right, Tip Left, and Tip Right
  • 6m and 8m long ramp sets
  • Wedge60 Windows set
  • Broken and Empty versions of all Bulletproof Windows (POI’s)
  • Also note the addition of a new Radial Menu option:
    • Copy Shape And Rotation

Enhanced Audio

Sharpen your ears, survivors! The latest update includes enhanced audio features:

  • Updated Ambient Stingers: More dynamic and immersive ambient sounds.
  • Variety of Bird Chirps: A larger variety of bird sounds to enrich the environment.
  • Inventory management sounds: Unique sounds for moving various item groups in your backpack

Enhanced Particle VFX

We have enhanced many of the particle effects to be better, more realistic and performant. The latest update includes:

  • All new blood and dismemberment VFX particles
  • New block destruction and block physics VFX particles
  • New Explosion VFX particles
  • New Shading system for smoke and fire
  • New Vehicle VFX including rigid body destruction

Trader VO overhaul

We have cast 5 unique voice actors and recorded over 1200 unique Voice Over lines to bring new life, story, responses and funny quips to the five traders in the game.

Don’t worry your favorites Trader Rekt and Trader Jen still have the same actors but all new lines and new functionality. New functionality includes:

  • All traders now have their own unique voice
  • Traders have more than 200 lines each with story bits and strong hints to relations between traders
  • Subtitles will be translated to all supported languages

Gamepad Improvements

A ton of work has gone into improving Gamepad Support to make it control better, more intuitive and have native console features including:

  • New UI navigation system that removes the virtual cursor
  • Overhauled modern camera controls that are easier to use and can be extensively customized
  • New aim assist systems for gamepads to aid with quicker targeting when aiming a weapon or swinging a melee weapon, and slowing the camera when passing over small interactable objects
  • Greatly expanded gamepad settings in a new controller options menu including:
    • Joystick layout options
    • Separated X and Y camera sensitivity
    • Look acceleration
    • Deadzone adjustments
    • Rumble strength
    • Aim assist toggle
  • Full gamepad remapping support for on foot and vehicle controls
  • New controls and shortcuts when using a gamepad, including:
    • Directly access items on your toolbelt via radial menu by holding either of the toolbelt selection buttons.
    • Instantly swap to your previously equipped item with the new quick swap button
    • Easier sprinting with tap or hold controls
  • Expanded controller vibration support that responds to actions triggered by the player and what’s happening around them
  • Support for DualSense controller features including:
    • Track time of day, weather and blood moons on the light bar
    • Trigger effects when using certain items and weapons

Modding Notes

  • Game updated to Unity 2022.3.29f1
  • Updated HarmonyX to 2.13.0
  • ModInfo: Now requires ModInfo in V2 format, also properties “Name” and “DisplayName” no longer optional as announced in Alpha 21
  • XML parsing now supports “conditional” blocks:
    • Allows switching between different XML blocks based on conditions like game version, whether a certain mod is loaded etc
    • Can be evaluated once by the host when loading the XMLs so host and every client will have the same resulting XML or by each game instance separately, so that host and every client can have different effects, e.g. when based on a GamePref
    • Also supported on the top level of patch XMLs: These are always applied during XML loading
    • Detailed documentation will be added to the game’s wiki
  • XML patches now feature a new instruction “include” which allows including another XML in place, e.g. to split up large XMLs into smaller pieces or – combined with the usage of conditional blocks – include different XML based on other conditions
  • New XML “events.xml”: Allows defining date based events (like christmas, halloween etc) and use them with conditional XML blocks – have the pipe baton automatically use a candy cane shiv model during christmas season or pumpkins use a halloween based model during that time
  • Z-Selection box for POI or world building now shows the current selection size
  • Updated POI properties windows to reflect the current POI features
  • Debugging:
    • Debug views (F3) now remember the selected elements
    • CVar filter box can no longer have the input focus when the mouse cursor is not enabled – avoids accidentally overwriting your filter while running around
    • FPS graph and network monitor available in releases
  • Game assembly gets fully publicized members for easier code modding – each member that has changed access level gets an attribute “PublicizedFrom” attached that will tell you the original accessibility level. Accessing originally not public stuff is still meant to be a last resort if other approaches fail.
  • New BlockCompositeTileEntity with respective TileEntityComposite
    • This is a generic TileEntity (TE) block which allows selecting which features it should have from XML (“compositing”)
    • Currently these features are supported:
      • Lockable: The TE can be locked
      • LockPickable: Players can pick the lock on the TE (only usable in combination with Lockable)
      • Signable: The TE can be written on. The prefab used for the TE will have to have properly set up TextMeshes – at least one but it supports as many as desired
      • Storage: The TE will have container features
    • These TE properly support up/downgrading, so for example a block that has Signable can upgrade to a block that supports Storage and Signable and keep its text
    • Adding new features does not require enumeration modifications so should be easier going forward to add custom TE features from mods
    • Example usage of these features can be seen on the new player storage blocks “cntWoodWritableCrate” and similar
  • File lookup prioritizes files in user data (e.g. LocalPrefabs) over mods
  • New game argument “-newprefabsmod=somemod” allows defining a mod in which new prefabs get stored instead of going to “LocalPrefabs”. Mod name is given by its internal name from its “ModInfo.xml”, not the folder name
  • XUi changes:
    • Generic “repeat_content” attribute support for all views. For non-grid views the attribute “repeat_count” specifies the number of clones
    • Repeated elements automatically get fed with additional template parameters that can be used with template bindings (“${…}”):
      • For every parent view: “repeat_count” giving the number of elements as specified by “repeat_count” attribute and “repeat_i” incrementing by one for each created element, starting at 0
      • Additionally for grid views only: “repeat_col” and “repeat_row” giving the column and row the element will be in the grid – assuming the grid dimensions do not change later on
    • New attribute “disabled_tooltip_key” lets you define a tooltip that gets shown when hovering a disabled view
    • New attribute “force_hide” allows keeping a view invisible
    • New attributes for controller navigation:
      • “use_selection_box”: Should controller navigation show an outline around the selected view
      • “gamepad_selectable”: View can be selected with a controller
      • “nav_up”, “nav_down”, “nav_left”, “nav_right”: Manual override which view to select when pressing the respective direction on a controller
    • Texture views now support: Color tinting (“color” attribute) and for keeping the texture’s aspect ratio (attribute “original_aspect_ratio”)
  • XML “extends” now allow excluding specified subclasses (like “UpgradeBlock” in blocks) so that all its children are actually excluded
  • Changes to quests should no longer kill savegames’ character files – though the affected quests will lose their details in the quest log
  • Plants tick correctly when placed on the same position as another plant was growing before – before the timer would potentially not reset thus accumulating the old and new growth times
  • Perks can now have LevelRequirements for individual levels only instead of being required to be specified for all levels if done for at least one
  • “Inventory.PUBLIC_SLOTS” is changed to be targeted by mods, making it easier to implement custom toolbelt sizes. Also a new property “SHIFT_KEY_SLOT_OFFSET” has been added that allows specifying which slots are meant to be targeted when using Shift + slot hotkey
  • World Editor: Previews of POI now match the actual state when rotating them

TFP News Screen

We have moved the old shared menu news screen into a new skippable in-game News screen that has graphics and link support for all formats. This will be used to inform players on new patch updates and other TFP news.

Server Administration

Changes to serverconfig.xml:

  • Setting “SaveGameFolder” has been removed. It is now always based on the “UserDataFolder”
  • New setting “IgnoreEOSSanctions”: Allows ignoring EOS sanctions when players want to join servers. Defaults to false

Changelog including b309:


  • RWG preview shows player spawn locations on terrain as +
  • RWG big cities can have two gateways per side
  • RWG big cities generate a highway bypass ring
  • RWG final log shows the total time
  • RWG biome layout setting with Center Forest, Center Wasteland, Circle and Line options
  • RWG previewer will not save or allow a New Game and shows world name in red when a world of the same name exists
  • Rwgmixer township biomes property which restricts to the listed biomes
  • Rwgmixer citybig for 8k+ maps and restrict to wasteland
  • Rwgmixer <prefab_spawn_adjust> biomeTags which limits to one or more biomes
  • RWG POI spawning limits based on surrounding density in world
  • RWG preview coloring for districts and traders
  • RWG trader types are each in their own biome
  • RWG Previewer cancels generation when a cancel input is pressed and shows the current state of the world
  • RWG Previewer asks if you want to save the world when returning to Editing Tools
  • RWG random biome stamp scaling and small rotations
  • RWG preview camera moves 10x speed with shift key and clamps near ground
  • RWG preview left click resets camera
  • RWG prefab loading skips prefabs without tags
  • RWG map_info.xml has seed number
  • RWG logging of next random number at various steps
  • RWG township distance property to override default of 5
  • RWG forest and burnt forest specific mountain and town mixer values
  • RWG wasteland specific city mixer values
  • RWG UI message “Warning: Changing these settings may break trader progression”
  • RWG town planner uses a lower tile count minimum (5) of each township type until success
  • Vehicle hit bounce when destroying larger trees
  • Vehicle hits can cause ragdolls also from their base velocity and improved upward force
  • Vehicle seat “pose” property which sets VehiclePose in animator
  • Vehicle max velocity setting adjusts faster when increasing
  • Vehicle wheel rotation speed smoothing and clamping
  • Vehicle part modRot property which sets rotation of modT if has a mod with tag else 0
  • Vehicle support for tail lights
  • Setup vehicle truck 4×4 tail lights
  • Vehicles have interaction prompt when looking at physics colliders
  • Vehicle truck headlight glow lights and dust
  • Vehicle truck light bar shown based on light mod
  • Vehicle truck light bar glows and dust
  • Ability to copy block rotation and shape at the same time
  • Option to always use english cardinal directions on the compass independent of the game language selection
  • Block/item CreativeMode property choice of Console
  • Entity property ItemsOnEnterGame skips CreativeMode Console items if not
  • Min Script sound command
  • Items show as missing item if item data was removed
  • Quad Pocket Mod
  • Turning animations for 3rd person player
  • Spaces to all names in sleeper volume groups UI
  • Min Script spawn command
  • Min Script waitalive command
  • AI active sleepers will sometimes be awake and wander
  • AI wandering sleepers use spawn position as center of wander
  • Sleeper volume trigger type Wander
  • Localization for urinalCommercialMounted
  • Min event actions AddPartFPV and AddPartTPV
  • Terrain decals clip where separated from terrain
  • Land claim placement checks player world bounds
  • Skybox Atmosphere shader makes a fogged brown ground plane
  • Fog when near the world border
  • Players are pushed back from world border and shows toolbelt message
  • Players can’t place blocks near the world border
  • Player backpack movement is stopped at the world border
  • Animal and zombie fade in/out (Added dither fade to Game/Character and Game/Animal/Fur shaders. Merged visibility checks to EntityAlive which manages fade amount. Added EModelBase Fade which uses MaterialPropertyBlock on LOD/E_MESH tagged renderers).
  • Activity Localizations on UDS.
  • Min Script lightweight scripting system
  • Sleeper volume properties Min Script edit box, load/save to prefab xml
  • Grass shader motion vectors
  • FSR rendering (set AntiAliasing settings to FSR Low, FSR Medium or FSR High)
  • Challenge UI SFX and updated sounds.xml
  • Consoles Language Specific Keyboards.
  • Add tier buttons to POI Teleporter
  • Localization sync for POI Teleporter filter
  • Lights lodviewdistance console command
  • Gfx viewdist console command
  • Automove console sub commands gototarget, settarget, clearlookat, setlookat, line and orbit
  • Explosive and Molotov item stacks can’t be dropped when armed
  • Localized playtest biome selector
  • FacialHairMaskType to turn off facial hair with helmets.
  • Cop and radiated vulture mouth vomit particles
  • Generic FastTags
  • Dedicated Servers can decline to enforce sanctions, console players can’t join P2P Sessions with a sanction
  • Improve messaging to the player about when achievement unlock is available.
  • First testable version of big mama dismemberment with masking.
  • Don’t allow “Creative Mode” option to be changed on the Continue Game screen.
  • Launcher does not add graphics API argument when one is already passed in manually as argument
  • Allow rebinding AI freeze button
  • The host of a P2P game can now kick players from the Report Player UI, this is accessible with a controller
  • Censor Dedi Server ‘Message of the Day’.
  • OnSelfEquipUpdate to allow triggered effects to be performed on the item itself.
  • ArmorGroupLowestQuality buff requirement for new armor set bonuses…for real.
  • Effect Groups to challenges when completed.
  • Error logging for gamestages.xml loading
  • Avoid displaying ingame text from blocked users.
  • Filter UGC text Server Browser.
  • Player Reporting Window for UGC.
  • Xml, loc, and icons for Theater Seat set
  • Gfx texbias console command
  • Dismembered head feral eye variation support
  • GameEventHandling of using CVars for values
  • Filter UGC text.
  • Animal, human, zombie and vehicle occlusion
  • Holdtorepeat input added to list paging, combo boxes and other UI elements that use right stick left/right to navigate
  • Add Switch / Trigger “Hint” for players
  • Localization for house_old_ranch_12 The McStab Residence
  • Disabled controller controlled cursor, swapped navigation input to left stick. Added restrictions on being able to select category buttons, paging elements, window selector, tab selector etc. Combo boxes can now be selected directly and value can be adjusted using the right stick.
  • Tabs in the UI can no longer be selected directly using directional navigation
  • Empty inspect window has alternate control instructions for controllers + adjusted formatting. Dynamically switches labels if input device changes.
  • Consoles Switching Languages.
  • Default selectable attribute for XUi Window Groups. If using DPad navigation this allows window groups to select a view component the selection should snap to when the window group is opened. Applied default selectables to applicable window groups in XUI_Menu
  • Sprint lock input option added to prevent sprint being disabled when the player stops moving. Added a sprint icon indicator next to the stamina bar to indicate when the sprint is active.
  • Chunk reset protection added to player placed vending machines.
  • Entity SwapMats property (new version of ReplaceMaterialx, shares material assets, requires LOD tag)
  • Window Wedge60 shape set
  • Plate Wedge60 half, half left, and half right variants
  • Enforce EOS enabled for submission builds.
  • New helmet mods for each attribute, looting, xp, treasure finding and night vision.
  • VPHeadlight emissive control
  • Cube Corner Beveled Outside Corner to the shape menu
  • Setting to opt into blocking text and voice chat outright, which will act like the player has CommunicationAllowed set to False. Defaults to Not Blocked.
  • Initial WIP version of DPad UI navigation for controllers
  • Block CanBlocksReplace property which allows a block to be replaced when placing new blocks
  • CanBlocksReplace to road paint
  • New rebindable player action called Swap Item/Quick Select: Press to swap between your current and previously equipped item. Hold to bring up a radial menu to quick select an item from your toolbelt. Adjusted some of the default controller bindings to accommodate.
  • AI activity area (heat) cooldown and neighbor cooldown when triggered
  • F8 heat info shows cooldown, improved colors and better position below FPS box
  • Ai activityclear (also ac) console command
  • InAir animation bool Toggle Crouch no longer acts as a toggle when held down, will continually go down in fly mode
  • JumpLand animation trigger
  • Small inair/landing example in 3P animator under Jump layer for 2 hand rifle
  • Controller rebinding functionality. Button rebinding pages added to the Options > Controller options screen. Slider for UI cursor hover slowdown sensitivity and toggle for cursor snapping added to controller settings.
  • UDS / Activity System.
  • Improvement Add a PostProcess Method for XML Actions.
  • Aim assist camera slowdown improvements. Covers interactive blocks including loot containers, wall switches etc. No camera slowdown for items and interactives while in combat.
  • Aim assist aim snapping. Initial commit. Camera gets nudged in the direction of a target if it was the last entity passed over as the player starts zooming a weapon or aiming down sights
  • Added Expanded controller options list and enhanced controller look/aim controls. Includes: controller X/Y look sensitivity, Y invert, look acceleration, move/look axis deadzone percentage and joystick layout options. Each be adjusted in Options > Controls > Options
  • Zombie dismemberment SFX
  • Linux version checks configured system limits for appropriate values and prints warnings to logs if too low (number of open files, max mapped file count)
  • Trailer_07
  • Trailer_08
  • Show localized names in POI teleporter and allow searching them
  • Twitch Hordestone SFX (loop start, end, UI start) and updated XML
  • Twitch UI SFX for crappy loot, glass cube, sinkhole, tiny zombies
  • Workstation mods and crafted items are lost if the workstation is destroyed
  • Allow ignoring chest locks when debug mode is enabled
  • Vehicle engine pitch variations
  • Vehicles play a turbo triggered sound
  • AddBuff Gameevent Action now allows overriding duration


  • Reduced RWG world edge radiation min size to 1
  • Improved RWG finding extra player spawn locations
  • RWG highway generation uses a new algorithm
  • RWG highway generation allows double connections between towns
  • Removed RWG mountains from wasteland
  • Removed rwgmixer city from forest and reduce count by 1
  • Improved RWG city layout to use a square core
  • Improved RWG POI spawning fallback to use a smaller size but ignore name restriction
  • Improved RWG preview POI descriptions and added score
  • Improved icon baking lighting of block models
  • Improved RWG player spawn locations
  • Improved RWG town planning quality
  • Adjusted RWG township counts and sizes
  • Rwgmixer <streettile> settings to be global
  • Condensed rwgmixer format to a count and tiles property
  • Balanced RWG lakes, rivers, craters, canyons, township and wilderness settings
  • RWG generates and previews worlds separately from saving them
  • RWG Previewer does not load prefabs and stamps after the first generation
  • Stamina recovery delay for power attacks lowered from 3 to 1.5 seconds in buffPowerAttackStaminaStunt
  • New RWG biome generation algorithm
  • Moved RWG wasteland biome to the center
  • Improved RWG biome default percents and limited min/max range
  • Improved RWG biome filler stamp
  • RWG biome tiles to 1/4 sized
  • RWG preview camera move up/down to camera relative and C key also moves down
  • Improved RWG Creation UI layout
  • RWG prefab loading skips folders containing path /Prefabs/TestImproved RWG stamping speed and memory use
  • Improved RWG creation biome stamping speed
  • Optimized RWG path creation
  • Hide prefab editor and rwg options on console devices.
  • Improved RWG creation messaging and logging
  • Adjusted RWG desert/snow mountain and town mixer values
  • RWG UI mountains slider caps at 50%
  • RWG UI plains, hills and mountains sliders at zero will show 100% plains
  • Reduce vehicle hits on ragdolls to 30% self damage force
  • Improved vehicle movement limit at world border
  • Set vehicle seat poses (0 default (non drivers), 15 for bicycle, minibike, motorcycle, truck, gyro)
  • Improved vehicle torque, max velocity and turbo data handling and xml format
  • Reduced vehicle hit entity velocity decay at high mass ratios
  • Vehicle mod property enables modT if installed
  • Vehicle part mod property to a tag
  • Shrunk size of vehicle interact colliders
  • Spikes Trap Collision from a flat plane lower on the block to a cube that is slightly smaller than a full block.
  • Removed cloth harvest from quest satchels to prevent exploit
  • Improved player rules for when they can drink from water in the world
  • Improved falling tree physics/colliders and vary physics based on size
  • Improved falling tree to allow multiple ground hits and more that one entity hit with damage based on mass
  • Improved falling tree network sync quality
  • Removed spider zombie neck jiggle
  • Early game medical crafting unlocks Fort Bites, Plaster Casts, and Recog can now be crafted in the campfire with a beaker and double the recipe cost
  • Reduced the chemistry station blood bag cost of Fort Bites from 5 to 2 as they are fairly rare and double the cost in campfire would be too expensive
  • Updated campfire categories by adding medicine tab and splitting up medicine and chemical items to match chemistry station
  • Updated the crafting and fuel timers in workstations for better visibility against some item icons
  • Improved 4×4 and minibike light emissive/glass
  • Implemented First version of Global Progression.
  • 10 quests required per tier change.
  • Pocket mods of different sizes can now be installed at the same time
  • Adjusted LOD’s on serviceTruckGenericPrefab so the ladder fades before the truck
  • Sleeper volume UI always shows trigger index list and does not clear on type change
  • Improved player ragdoll and death cameras
  • Gamestages group names to a short format with sort digit
  • Adjusted the light position on work_lightPrefab to prevent the light sphere from showing
  • Updated icons for cntCabinetBottom and cntCabinetBottomRandomLootHelper
  • Barrel Extender mods can no longer be installed into shotguns
  • Adjusted spawns for GS140 to help prevent hordes from ending too soon
  • Improved “Update Prefab Thumbnail” to hide the player, disable the sky and set background color to blue gray
  • Decreased font size of writable crates to suit all languages a bit better
  • Set wasteland to use new wasteland spectrums
  • Update supply plane crate with new art
  • Paint Cost for all textures reduced to 1 paint each
  • Terrain falling blocks to boulders of random sizes
  • Improved explosion and falling block physics
  • Improved falling block lifetime, death, velocity and out of world checks
  • Revised Mumble’s initialisation logic to avoid spamming GameObject.Find throughout the loading screen.
  • Increased TAA jitter and blending settings
  • Apply Filtering to Author’s Text on Consoles, and only Filter Visible text.
  • Reduced entity physics Collider mass
  • New Player Map Format that divides the map into regions that also get compressed.
  • Adjusted dog ragdoll colliders
  • Improved rocket visuals and physics
  • Optimized progression ModifyValue
  • Updated stun baton with additional requirements to prevent players from using traders as charging stations
  • Reduced fog, rain and storm weather frequency
  • BlockShapeNew triangle indices use less memory
  • Optimized equipment to use less data for empty slots
  • ItemValue none serializes less data (Servers and Clients have to each have this)
  • Limit number of max players when hosting a game on console devices.
  • Refactor ActivityStateManager into RichPresence.
  • Remove “dev” items and icon from the creative menu in console build.
  • POI Teleporter dialog highlights the last selected entry
  • Disable the entering game spawn button for prefab editor and world editor
  • ModifyCVar TriggeredEffect now can use tiers for comma delimited list of values.
  • Quest objective setup happens before any objective states get checked
  • Removed Wood and Metal Desks from OversizedConversionTargets.txt to allow them to stack and have stability
  • Recipe for Dew Collector no longer requires a Water Filter to craft
  • Replaced Water Filter craft item with Gatherer, Tarp, and Water Filter tools in Trader inventories and loot
  • Apartments_05 (T2 clear/fetch/infestation questable)
  • Night vision to a white phosphorus style (new algorithm)
  • Treasure Map and Buried Supplies Quest chests now set to destroy on empty to help prevent issues with broken loot container backpack falling through the world or despawning too soon when player inventories are full
  • Chemistry Stations can now be sold to traders
  • Refactored football_stadium POI (T5 clear/fetch/infestation/restore power questable).
  • Optimized Utils Cleanup Materials to not generate garbage
  • Commented out Needle and Thread books from loot.xml
  • Updated tag and layer settings for theaterSeatUpFullArmsUpPrefab for collision to work
  • Recalculated bounds for other theater seat prefabs
  • Log messages for executed/denied commands from clients
  • Optimized Game Object Pool getting an existing object
  • Optimized chunk block entity spawning rate
  • Aaa_school_k6_01 removed.
  • Optimized chunk cluster access
  • Optimized Chunk OnDisplay
  • Removed obsolete Block RandomTintColor
  • Optimized World and ChunkCache access
  • Optimized entity/prop UpdateLight handling
  • Optimized BlockValue misc and BiomeDefinition small funcs
  • Optimized WorldGridCompressedData
  • Optimized Chunk, ChunkBlockChannel, ChunkClusterList
  • Optimized World chunk/block coordinate conversion
  • Common main menu flow for enable/disable multiplayer.
  • Renamed POI’s that ended in Co. to prevent double periods in quest dialog
  • Perplatform login flow customization.
  • Combo for locking backpack item slots now visible by default and chosen value saved with the character
  • Optimized stone ax texture sizes
  • Optimized hammer texture sizes
  • Optimized nail gun texture sizes
  • Optimized steel ax texture sizes
  • Optimized chainsaw texture sizes
  • Optimized wrench texture sizes
  • Optimized ratchet texture sizes
  • Optimized impact driver texture sizes
  • Optimized bone shiv texture sizes
  • Optimized hunting knife texture sizes
  • Optimized machete texture sizes
  • Machete metalness balance
  • Increased maximum block types to 64k (prefabs convert on load)
  • BlockValue parent offsets are in a faster format
  • Reduced maximum item types to 16k
  • Localization for house_modern_11 from The McStab Residence to Casa Diaz
  • Sky manager _DayPercent shader property is a global
  • Controller binding screen updated to use XUI buttons in order to be compatible with DPad navigation. Improved resolution of new controller diagrams and updated atlases.
  • Added more options for the demo.
  • DPad navigation adjusted to prioritize neighbors closer and aligned with the current selected element
  • Restrict total number of Player Profiles (On console) (+changed ProfileSDF to a static class) (+added tooltip functionality when item is disabled).
  • Updated aaa_all_glass with new Window Wedge60 shape set
  • Updated destroy particles for various trap blocks
  • Updated fbx and xml UV settings for pillar50CornerPlate
  • Updated colliders on fenceBroken1 and 2 to allow projectiles to pass around them easier
  • Startup refactor to delay loading of `GamePrefs` till after save data is ready (for future change that will have a player prefs wrapper for some platforms).
  • Explosion Damage does not seem to be working properly.
  • Explosion resistance (blocks) isn’t correct.
  • Restored breaching slug use on locked safes and chests
  • Remove SaveGameFolder GamePref.
  • Updated the colliders on the destroyed chem station to allow projectiles to pass around them easier
  • Material of ceilingLight01_player and lanternDecorLightBlockVariantHelper to allow them to be scrapped
  • Updated snowy dead bush, shrubs, and hedges to be included in the starter quest nav icons
  • Updated the collider on the land claim block that was sticking out too far causing issues
  • Explode split into ExplodeTarget and ExplodePosition.
  • Overhauled the region reset command: The default behavior now respects all normal rules of the chunk reset system, and acts as a quick, safe way to trigger a reset on all unprotected chunks. Alternate experimental modes have been added for use in debugging, allowing users to bypass certain protection statuses when desired.
  • Fix fly mode controller bindings.
  • UI cursor for controller updates. Adds acceleration and slows down when hovering over interactive items. Swaps dynamically between a sprite based controller cursor and the system mouse cursor when swapping between controller and mouse.
  • Updated planters with LODCullScale property to prevent floating plants at a distance
  • Quest Tech Debt.
  • Integrated Mega Crush and Water Icons
  • Integrated Candy Icons
  • Aim assist camera snapping revision. More reliable aim snapping that calculates when the player first starts aiming and is less likely to fail due to obstructions to EntityPlayerLocal’s world raycast.
  • Player walk speed is now variable based on how far the movement joystick is pressed.
  • Load `SimpleMeshFile` directly into Native Mesh memory. Saves managed memory by not requiring pooling or as many managed memory allocations. Slightly increases reserved native memory, but the increase is much less than the savings in managed memory.
  • Reduced cloth needed to craft duct tape
  • Set ScrapTimeOverride property to 10 seconds for all tools, weapons, armor, and reading materials to allow users more time to cancel accidental scrapping
  • Steel fridge audio. Updated steel fridge prefab to use new audio loop. Updated sounds, blocks, loot xml.
  • Old Interior & Exterior Wood Door Audio
  • Two-wheeled vehicle grab and place sounds for inventory UI. Updated sounds.xml and items.xml for inventory UI audio
  • Parts grab and place sounds for inventory UI. Updated sounds.xml and items.xml for inventory UI audio
  • Acid bottle grab and place sounds for inventory UI. Updated sounds.xml and items.xml for inventory UI audio
  • Spear grab and place sounds for inventory UI. Updated sounds.xml and items.xml for inventory UI audio
  • Club grab and place sounds for inventory UI
  • Auger, chainsaw grab and place sounds for inventory UI
  • New thunderclaps audio and updated AudioSource_Thunder to 2D spatialization
  • Bird audio loops for forest biome
  • Bird audio loops for desert biome
  • Cricket audio loops for forest biome
  • Cricket audio loops for desert biome and updated EnvironmentAudioMaster.prefab to trigger bird and cricket sounds, removed unused biomes
  • Poop grab and place for inventory UI. Also updated .meta files for multiple item wavs to use correct settings
  • Inventory UI Audio – Armor, updated XML
  • Clutter Pile Pickup Sounds
  • Inventory UI Audio: Various Weapons and Tools
  • Audio for retro fridge and updated XMLs
  • Rollingtrashbin sounds
  • Plasticdestroy sounds
  • Door stall open and close SFX
  • Wood Fence Door open and close SFX
  • Trailer door open and close SFX
  • Single and double glass door open and close SFX
  • Shared Quests no longer count towards Quest Progression
  • Improved falling block movement on clients
  • Adjusted minibike engine sound settings and added accel/decel sounds
  • Removed timeout for fetching news from storage as it would often not load on XBOX
  • Comment in serverconfig to include names for worlds that ship
  • New Minibike engine SFX


  • RWG UI biome percents to add up to 100
  • RWG StreetTile OverlapsBiomes check failing sometimes
  • RWG gateways would overlap biomes
  • RWG plains, hills and mountains defaults were equal and not 40%, 40%, 20% as UI has them
  • RWG world edge radiation east/south check off by 1
  • Forum Report : NRE spam exiting game after executing “cr f” command on an rwg_tile
  • RWG roadsides were excluded too far from map edge
  • RWG Advanced Generation biome key colors UI don’t match world
  • RWG biomes could be missing
  • RWG preview camera jittering when looking past down and move rate varying with FPS
  • RWG border and biome stamp threads used same random generator
  • RWG stamp lookups were not thread safe
  • RWG seeds having varying output based on thread timings
  • Forum Report : NRE spam exiting game after executing “cr f” command on an rwg_tile
  • Vehicle Seat stat does not update when adding expanded seating mod
  • Vehicles were not placeable when centered on some block types like road paint and plates
  • Sprinting input behavior made consistent between keyboard and controller. The input can act as a toggle if it’s tapped or a hold and release if the button is held down. Turbo on vehicles has also been adjusted to match the keyboard input behaviour; it is now a hold input across all devices.
  • Scopes and and reflex sights have red patterns on them
  • Having the Trigger Properties for Keyracks set to Trigger Unlocks is making it so door will unlock but not open
  • Traders now open at 4:05.
  • Audio stuttering and poor performance when playing combat music and fighting many zombies
  • Repeating words in perkUrbanCombatSneakingLongDesc.
  • Player jump sound delayed from keypress
  • Invincible trader noise sounds different if the player jumps during sound.
  • PerkSniperCompleteLongDesc doesn’t have a title separated with a colon.
  • Enemy network priority 2 was never used
  • Localization for RunAndGunRank2 ‘twitch’ should read ‘twitchy’
  • Not able to heal other players abrasions with medicalAloeCream, medicalFirstAidBandage, and medicalFirstAidKit
  • NRE when opening gun safe with timed charges
  • Weapons sometimes require toggling mod twice to turn back on after repairing
  • Sneaking and strafing has a small hiccup in the camera rotation.
  • Robotic turret muzzle flash is sideways for clients.
  • Prevent server from being hosted with an empty Region value which would cause the server to be unsearchable in the server browser
  • Logging out right after activating a switch throws an NRE at the main menu
  • Prevent cases that would cause the player to not jump to the full height when jumping and moving
  • Trader Doors Not Locking
  • Falling trees no longer spin in place before falling for clients of dedicated servers. Adjusted client side movement of falling trees to closer match the server side speed.
  • Recipe list not shown for ingredients if not used for lower quality.
  • Block collapse animations are not showing on dedi servers
  • Turrets could be placed near world bounds and inside traders
  • Players could dig or explode past player world bounds
  • Profile selection screen not shown if joining multiplayer from invite on a fresh account (Enforces a default profile if connecting without one).
  • Text shifts with animated ellipses when downloading world (Improvements for Chinese).
  • TRC R5034A failure (Added server search failure message).
  • Doors animate when Locked or Unlocked
  • Ragdoll mesh being rotated by non ragdoll bones
  • Player ragdoll camera would jump to a new position
  • Doors animate when Locked or Unlocked
  • EndOfStreamException with player sign text in POI Prefabs
  • Text shifts with animated ellipses when downloading world (Text jumping between lines code solution).
  • Sleeper volumes with min count of 0 always spawned 1 or more
  • Issues with trap glass hiding faces and wrong texture
  • Privilege Window Cancel but still starts the game.
  • Compound, wooden, and primitive bow doesn’t always play draw animation
  • Player locked doors automatically unlock when interacting with them
  • Text shifts with animated ellipses when downloading world (Localization change recommitted after reversion).
  • Take button enabled even when inventory is full
  • Player locked doors automatically unlock when interacting with them
  • TRC R5304 failure / Profanity Filter Bypass.
  • Pressing ‘C’ while toggle crouching does not disable toggle
  • Explosions often made underground falling blocks
  • Player locked doors automatically unlock when interacting with them
  • Large multiple explosions cause a lot of temp mem use
  • Imposters clipping through chunk water
  • Imposters drawing over and z fighting with chunks
  • Text shifts with animated ellipses when downloading the world.
  • Profile selection screen not shown if joining multiplayer from invite on a fresh account.
  • Character Creation Window Suspend State (Entering Character Edit window would consume the OnClose action).
  • General BBCode issues ([RGBA] BBcode sometimes appeared as [RGB][A] to players, and profile name not escaped in delete dialog).
  • Ragdolls on entities scaled by xml have incorrect connected anchors
  • Writable storage chests are blank on relog.
  • Server Browser list no longer showing server names (+minor refactor to censor classes to handle edge cases).
  • Crash on spider zombie decapitation.
  • ChainlinkFenceDoorDouble now repairs with resourceForgedIron
  • Road paint flickering on top of terrain
  • Block placement preview of flat models like billboard drawing under surfaces like the ground or cubes
  • Firing and swapping guns/rocket launcher/robotic turret leave various particle effect animations stuck running every time they’re equipped
  • NRE exiting prefab editor after placing a candle
  • Camera far clipping adjustment from fog was not working
  • Rocket smoke disappears on detonation or life expire
  • Rocket launcher muzzle flash colors
  • Character Creation Window Suspend State.
  • Persistent Profiles game setting is now On by default
  • Some reloads when canceled occasionally still get ‘stuck’
  • Truck 4×4 hand/foot IK pos/rots for the 6 seats
  • All weapons go through their reload animation when swapping during reload
  • Death screen effect being too dark
  • Time Bomb class items could be dropped as an active stack if activated on toolbelt, then moved or dragged to another place and dropped from there or dragged and dropped
  • Player locked doors automatically unlock when interacting with them
  • House_old_modular_05 has infested quest but no infested sleepers or cache.
  • Missing material in IronBucketWaterPrefab
  • Reload, weapon swap, aim down the sight audio has a ticking/overloaded sound, sometimes not playing the audio
  • Audio source from shocked/electrified doesn’t update when the attached entity is pushed away, on fire has a delay
  • Molotov rag emissive was on when unlit
  • Active Molotov and Timed charges when thrown were not lit
  • Canceling restart when changing language brings you back to the general options window instead of video options
  • Limit number of max players when hosting a game on console devices (Properly applied default values to all platforms).
  • Preacher Headgear now uses the Headgear morph system.
  • Audio source from shocked/electrified doesn’t update when the attached entity is pushed away, on fire has a delay
  • Office_03 texture issues
  • Headlight pixels over the sky were erased
  • Minibike and motorcycle does not stay upright with a passenger but no driver
  • Generic message box dimmed itself with the full screen background
  • Odd lighting effect with helmet light after interacting with auto turret
  • Trying to change adv gen preview quality after backing out of adv gen results in an NRE
  • Switch triggers not working if player has pending quest and switch has both “triggers” and “triggered by” set up
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException error attempting to dismember crawler head
  • PowerManager state for a particular Chunk is not reset when chunks are reset by RegionFileManager.
  • Audio source from shocked/electrified doesn’t update when the attached entity is pushed away, on fire has a delay
  • Missing triggers for onSelfCrouchWalk and onSelfCrouchRun for buffCrouching and progression for perkAnimalTracker
  • Rejoining an MP game with others causes Argument Exception.
  • Added safeguards against possible NRE when removing a vending machine belonging to a player who has previously been removed from Persistent Player Data.
  • Changing ammunition type on bow or crossbow to type that you do not have fails to visually unload the previously loaded ammunition type
  • Deep Block Collisions
  • As a client on a dedicated server, opening up the player’s screen causes a NullReference Exception and an Error.
  • Reading UV coordinates of mesh “” failed. Texture coordinate channel “0” not found.
  • Trigger / Sleeper Volume System Improvement #2
  • ModifyCVar TriggeredEffect now can use progression tiers for comma delimited list of values.
  • Renamed PlayerJournal to ChallengeJournal.
  • Barbed Wire Sheet Slowing When Not Touching
  • Issue with reversed logic for recovery time of sprained legs while steroids are active
  • Ensure Text Censoring happens locally (including a large refactor to increase the usability and maintainability of Text Censoring classes).
  • Removed exploit in harvest and repair functions of Dew Collectors gaining free polymers
  • T0 POIs have the same lootstage at T1 POIs
  • Fixed issue on dedicated servers where falling trees would teleport to world origin one frame after they are instantiated.
  • Fixed POIowned trees sometimes spawning multiple conflicting tree models on clients. Fixed POIowned trees not respecting POI terrain modifications (holes or hills) the first time they’re visited by a client, thus appearing to clip into or float above modified terrain.
  • The Character System now uses the correct location for body/head/hands materials.
  • Navezgane terrain
  • AssetBundles fail to be loaded when used multiple times but with differently typed file names
  • Trader Waypoint Duplication.
  • Dedis on ServerBrowser causing exceptions
  • Replace / Reimagine Departure_Bridge_01 / 02 pieces. (departure_bridge_1)
  • Consumables consumed without granting benefits under some conditions.
  • Game launcher having issues creating data directories on Windows Store version
  • Material cleanup for MeshDescription
  • XUiV_Texture material leaks in 4 controllers
  • All weapons go through their reload animation when swapping during reload
  • Removed erroneous processing of vitamins and painkillers through the Physician perk treated crit healing rates
  • Players can reload crossbow while still using scopes
  • Fence Posts can transfer their damage states, sometimes becoming invulnerable.
  • All weapons go through their reload animation when swapping during reload
  • Exception when shutting the game down from the login failed dialog (e.g. no Steam running)
  • Issue that would allow Spear Hunter Vol 6 penetration to work with Primary Attack
  • Localization missing for POI Marker Editor
  • Farm_04 part of the wooden fence is missing
  • Wandering Horde Game Event Spawning was not using Target correctly.
  • Explosion resistance (blocks) isn’t correct
  • When joining through game invite on consoles from the home screen, player controls stopped working
  • GameEvent Requirements were not initialized in a mod friendly way.
  • Always calculate Equipment apart from passive effect handling.
  • UpdateLight was using target value on players
  • Sawmill_01 floating barbed wire sheet
  • POI: apartments_01 stability issue
  • POI: downtown_filler_24 switch opens the wrong door
  • Downtown_filler_24 SI with windows
  • Block resistance values displayed incorrectly.
  • Remnant_downtown_filler_09 floating grass.
  • Loot crate textures below 1/2 are borderline illegible while other text arts are legible on the same settings
  • Downtown_filler_11 floating grass.
  • Gas_station_07 Sign SI collapse
  • Errors if player is holding a missing block
  • Several guns have the same equip and swap to animation bug
  • Small stone and snowballs have animation issues in 3rd and 2nd person perspectives, hold position and animation isn’t right either
  • Gas_station_06, stability issue
  • School_01, stability issue
  • House_old_ranch_04, fixed trigger issue
  • House_old_ranch_10, terrain clipping
  • House_old_ranch_04, fixed clipping curtains
  • Part_driveway_gateway_checkpoint_01, stability issue
  • Forum Report : store_discount_01 wrong texture
  • Forum Report : office_06 mispainted cabinet
  • House_modern_24 fixed terrain density issue.
  • Toggle Crouch no longer acts as a toggle when held down, will continually go down in fly mode.
  • Countrytown_business_07, chain linked poles don’t align with tarp fences.
  • Countrytown_business_07, SI with curtain.
  • News UI Index Out Of Range when any action to cycle news is done before the news is populated. Also locked access to `entries` and `currentIndex`.
  • Multi block placement could overlap trader placing protection
  • Dust stone particle was too faded near surfaces
  • Item info panel blinks when selecting items in inventory
  • Request: Animation Parameter(s), Player ‘Jumps’
  • Hidden stamina regen debuff when between 75 and 50 hydration
  • BlockGameEvent DestroyOnEvent does not work for AddedEvent.
  • PlaySound would not play for events based on position.
  • POI previews in tiles are not cycling correctly on multiple key presses
  • Using auger or chainsaw right before they’re done repairing breaks item/hand placement and hand animation.
  • Removed code which allowed MultiBlock shapes to be placed in overlapping configurations when god mode was enabled (overlapping placements are still allowed in edit mode). Fixed code which was intended to bypass the MultiBlock placement player collider check when god mode is enabled.
  • Added a new MultiBlockManager to resolve various cases where MultiBlock data could become inconsistent across chunk boundaries. The manager defers placement of POIowned MultiBlocks until all overlapped chunks are concurrently synced and have finished decorating. It also protects nonPOI MultiBlocks from being chopped in half by the chunk reset system, by grouping all overlapped chunks.
  • Vehicles triggering full network updates when not in use
  • If you swap ammo during reload, your gun becomes invisible
  • Cannot heal other player’s abrasions when both players are allied
  • Cannot heal other player’s broken limbs when both player are allieDoors with trigger unlock do not relock on POI reset
  • Audio is failing to load when killing snake
  • Trader_jen, replaced juniper tree 4m with helper version
  • Stone Axes, Hammers, and Nailguns are taking more actions to upgrade blocks than they should, and you no longer receive XP from upgrading blocks
  • Pump shotgun particles
  • Vehicle turbo pitch was inconsistent
  • Hordestone now refunds if you let time run out
  • Hordestone now has longer timer
  • Sinkhole cannot be done on a vehicle
  • Sinkhole stops all movement
  • BlockReplace gameevent actions could remove bedrock
V1.0 Official Release Notes | 7 Days to Die (2024)


V1.0 Official Release Notes | 7 Days to Die? ›

Along with a brand new Character System in Version 1.0 we have also added a brand new High Definition Armor and Clothing System. This extensive new system amplifies player immersion, enabling a customized and compelling gaming adventure where looting, finding, crafting and upgrading Armor matters.

What time will 7 Days to Die 1.0 release? ›

According to fans on Reddit, the developers said during a live stream that 7 Days to Die's experimental 1.0 beta will launch in the USA at 12pm CST on 24th June. Here in the UK, that translates to 6pm BST today. Barring any last-minute twists, that should be your UK launch time.

Is 7 Days to Die full release? ›

7 Days to Die 1.0 Release Date, New Features, Roadmap, &amp; More. 7 Days to Die developer The Fun Pimps recently announced that the first-person zombie survival game is finally leaving Early Access to become a fully-released title. It has been almost 12 years since the game's alpha version launched.

What Alpha version is 7 Days to Die on? ›

7 Days To Die was released to the public on Alpha 1.0.

Is 7 Days to Die endless? ›

Any level six-item you have is yours for the rest of the game. 7 Days to Die is a game with no end, you play until you get bored and want to start a new playthrough.

Is 7 Days to Die laggy? ›

First of all, if your computer does not meet the system requirements for 7 days to die, then you will certainly experience a low framerate and input lag. To remedy this, one thing you can try is to upgrade some hardware components of your computer.

Is 7 Days to Die possible solo? ›

Survival SP is one of the three Game Modes playable in 7 Days to Die. This a private game closed off from public access and can only be played by a single player. The differences between this Game Mode and Survival MP are the land protection system and multi player settings available in the latter.

Can you beat 7 Days to Die? ›

An ending in 7 Days to Die doesn't exist. Generally, dying in the game spells doom for the player. However, death might still not be the end if you persevere. Note that you'll lose items upon dying in 7 Days to Die.

How long is 1 day in 7 Days to Die? ›

Day and Night

You can change how many in-game hours there are in each day (12, 14, 16, or 18 hours in each in-game day). The sun will always set at 22:00 and rise at either 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, or 10:00. You can change how long a 24-hour cycle lasts (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 90, or 120 minutes in real-time).

Is 7 Days to Die 5 player? ›

Officially, the max support number of players on a server at one time is still 8 people.

Is there a city in 7 Days to Die? ›

In Navezgane, there are four cities: Gravestown lies in the Wasteland Biome, and is notable for its destroyed state.

Is 7 Days to Die appropriate? ›

The gore is OK if your kid has a good stomach. My daughter thought this game was a T rated game ( she is 15 ) and she loved it. There is swearing but only from one certain location on the map, but there is nothing huge. Parents swear more than this game.

How much money has 7 Days to Die made? ›

Roughly, $200,000,000 million dollars this game has made. That's 1 million dollars, 200 times. Profits enough to hire talented developer(s) and finish the game.

What does the skull mean in 7 Days to Die? ›

Environmental Hazards

This group is separate and consists of minor or extreme climate hazards that are found within certain Biomes and appear in the form of Orange Skulls indicating the severity of the climate while inside the structure.

Why is it called 7 Days to Die? ›

Try to survive during a zombie apocalypse. Every seven days, a horde comes. If you die without surviving the first horde,you lose every thing and start over with nothing...

Is 7 Days to Die 1.0 coming to console? ›

After nearly twelve years of early access, the highly anticipated Version 1.0 release of “7 Days to Die” is here! This momentous milestone marks a significant evolution in the survival horror genre, paired with an updated release for current-gen consoles coming in just a few weeks.

What is the default time in 7 Days to Die? ›

Guys, what time do you usually choose for a day cycle. By default its 60 min. So if you play with 7 days horde as this game is ,,implemented,, to, you need to play 7 hours of real time.

What time is day time on 7 Days to Die? ›

Day and Night

You can change how many in-game hours there are in each day (12, 14, 16, or 18 hours in each in-game day). The sun will always set at 22:00 and rise at either 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, or 10:00.

Is 7 Days to Die alpha 21 out yet? ›

7 days to die- alpha 21 is released worldwide but on xbox pc game - Microsoft Community.


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